About Clan McTavish

Clan McTavish
Located in Sunny North Queensland
Blogging to keep family in the loop

Yes, this is the best family portrait we've had in 12 months... but it's just us, the way we always are.

Mummy McTavish
Primary Blogger
VERY late 20's
Stay at home mum
Not very organised
Loves God
Loves her husband and kids too
And chocolate, she loves chocolate too

Wolf McTavish
Adds his 2 bobs worth when the mood strikes.
Also blogs at Wolf's Books
Fair bit older than Mummy McT ;-)
Bacon earner
Would love an organised house
Loves his wife anyway
Hero to his family

Lion McTavish
Blog fodder
Cute photo subject
School boy
Loyal friend
Gentle heart
Lover of Lego
Driver of HotWheels
Generous to a fault

Dragon McTavish
Blog fodder
Cute photo subject
Kindy Boy
Duplo crazed
Huge hug giver
Sweet & Sour
Craft do-er
Classic middle child
Generous to a fault

Monkey McTavish
Blog fodder
Cute photo subject
Baby of the family
Sound effects machine
Smell maker
Sleep depriver
Unconditional love giver

We are the McTavish family.  Wolf, Mummy and our kids Lion, Dragon and Monkey.  There's no prizes for guessing that those aren't our real names... well, except mine, Mummy... it's pretty much what I hear all day every day... and I love it.

Wolf goes out and earns the bacon, Mummy McT stays home and keeps the kids alive until he returns.  Lion, Dragon and Monkey are full of energy and are the reason this blog started... well, Lion and Dragon are, Monkey wasn't around yet.  While missing his family down south Wolf decided to start blogging to keep them up to date with the craziness that goes on in the McTavish household.  Not being with the kids constantly Wolf was often blogging second hand stories so he encouraged Mummy McT to blog it first hand... and she kind of got addicted.  Her kids are just so incredibly cute so it was easy subject matter.

Mummy McT has learnt a lot from this blogging thing and has been constantly amazed at the support and encouragement she has received from her "imaginary friends" (what her real life friends, who don't quite 'get' blogging call her online friends) and through her online contacts she has even found a new outlet for writing about life with her kids and has written for a local family magazine about getting out and about with kids.

Thanks for taking the time to find out who we are, we hope you enjoy reading our adventures!