Thursday, 31 May 2007


Lion has a pet bird. Not a real pet bird, a pretend one. Grandma looked after a bird named Huddy over the Easter holidays and Lion decided that he would have a bird named Huddy too. Huddy just happens to be Lions hand. We have tried to get a photo of Huddy but he keeps flying away just as we take the photo. Huddy also has a friend named "J"Huddy. "J" being Lion's friends name. "J"Huddy is Lions other hand. That is all cute and we have been meaning to post about Huddy for ages but were hoping for a photo to go with it but todays incident required a post even without a photo. We were driving in the car after dropping Wolf at work and I hear "AAaachooo" I look in the rearview mirror to see a look of horror on Lions face, twice more "Aaachoo, aaachoo" two more horrified looks. Then a little lion voice says "oh, sorry Huddy".

It's a good thing imaginary birds are forgiving. I just hope this doesn't stop Lion covering his mouth when he sneezes!!!!
- mummy McT


  1. Were you going to tell about Huddy getting sad and lonely because Mr Og was in his shoe? Or Huddy cutting up J Huddy?

  2. It's a while since we have been updated and I think there are some new teeth to put in.


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