Friday, 25 April 2008

Dinner in public... always fun.

We went to dinner with three of my school friends tonight because one of them was here for her one weekend a year and was showing off her fiance (he's very nice). Three fo us have been friends since grade 1 and the "newby" of the group since grade 4. Lion needed to go to the toilet at one point so wolf took him and they came back after a reasonable amount of time. Lion came up to me and informed me in a not so quiet voice that "there was a man in the toilet making a funny noise going blagh, blagh, blagh". Lion makes scary accurate vomit noises. Apparently someone had a bit too much to drink tonight, and we were finishing and going home at 7:30 so they had started early!

Hopefully I will get a photo of us 4 "girls" from this evening, eventually. I might put it on if it's okay :)

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  1. Ah yes, you can always rely on a child to say something embarrassing when in front of guests. Lion's effort wasn't too bad.

    Mousie gets the giggles whenever we meet a certain lady we know - she says "Mummy, dook! Dat wady have a weary bat bom-om." (Tranlastion "Mummy, look! That lady has a really fat bottom.")

    And at a size 30+, she REALLY does.


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