Sunday, 11 May 2008


Happy Mother's Day to all mummies!

I was confined to bed this morning until breakfast was ready. It didnt matter that i was starting to get in a bit of a panic that we would be VERY late for church and Lion had a speaking part in the childrens talk which is close to the start of the service. It all worked out, we made it before church started Lion did his part (oh so beautifully, so very proud of him) he forgot he was supposed to sing too and stood there just doing the actions for the song even though he sang very loud for the practice at playgroup on wednesday. Doesnt matter, he did a great job. Dragon was just excited to be standing up the front and didnt do any of the actions even though he can when we sing it at home.

Breakfast was porridge, made with lots of love by my boys. I got a CD and a BIG box of chocolates. Wolf thought he was being funny giving me the chocolates. A week or so ago, a happy customer gave him a BIG box of Lindt chocolates (mmm, yummo!) and he bought them home to share with me (he knows I LOVE lindt chocolates). I told him had it been me I would have snuck them home and used them for mothers day that was coming up. I never saw them after that until this morning. I also got a beautiful card with both the boys hand prints and a foot print of Lion's on it. It is a very special card. Wolf asked Lion if he wanted to put a special message inside and he said he wanted to make up a special prayer to say "thank you for mummy so I can do gardening".

At church they were handing out little chocolates at the door for mothers as well as the flowers this year. Lion got to the door of the church, and stood looking at the lady with the big bowl of chocolates and didnt move. The people at the door always give him what they have (usually just the notices) and she wasnt. She explained theat they were just for mummy and he eventually went inside. Mummy picked hers out and realised that Dragon was still standing there watching waiting for one. I had to use mine to lure him inside, he would have stood there all morning otherwise. After church Lion went to sunday school and made a beautiful card and a picture for me, he is getting so much better at actually making the desired craft.


We love you...
Nanno, Great-Grandma W, Grandma S, Great-Grandma M, Great-Nanna M.

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  1. I hope you had a great Mother's Day Mummy McT!!! My Mum did, except for when I accidentally burnt the popcorn and smoke was coming out of the microwave. Our house (and clothes) smelled like smoke.


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