Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The shoes God wears.

Yesterday the boys and I were shopping and treating ourselves to a bit of morning tea. A man walked past the cafe and Lion noticed his shoes, this is the conversation that followed...

Lion- That man has shoes like nano and pappap.
Mummy McT- Oh yes he does, Pappap wears shoes just like that.
L- Yeah, he likes them, so does God.
MMcT- Does God like Pappap's shoes?
L- No, God wears those shoes too.
MMcT- Oh?
L- Yeah, but God doesnt live here.
MMcT- Where do you mean "here"?
L- God doesnt live at this shops. My sunday school teachers told me that.
MMcT- (now very confused) Can you tell me everything your sunday school teachers said about where God lives? (we are now completely past the shoe topic in case you havent noticed)
L- They said God lives in my heart.
MMcT- Yes he does, and he is everywhere so we can pray to him whenever we want to can't we? (something we have been talking about a lot lately)
L- Yeah. And he wears those shoes like that man and like nano and pappap. (okay, so we werent completely off that topic)

I think this shoe focus may have come about because we were buying a new pair of shoes for Dragon. Last week we were going to playgroup in the park (we often have a special playgroup on the holidays in the park so that big brothers and sisters can come) and we decided that was the day we were going to put Dragon up into the next size clogs which happened to be lion's previous pair. Well, Dragon lost them at the park. I looked everywhere for them, they did not want to be found.

We have hunted around for some in Dragons size and couldnt find any but yestrday I remembered Cotton On Kids has them about as cheap as they come. In we went, I steered Dragon away from the pink ones and let him pick some, he wanted silver, I tried to offer him blue. This shade of blue, that shade of blue, maybe even green... he wanted silver. So now we have a pair of metalic silver cloggs. I'll get a photo of them eventually. They certainly attract attention to his feet.

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