Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Mummies Must Be Crazy!

I'm not sure what posessed me to agree to even a simple party. Its 10pm and I just put two cakes in the oven that take 40+ minutes to cook. Why two when I have already said Lion is getting the construction site/chocolate crackle cake again??? Well, I have this absolutely rational (I think it's rational anyway) hatred of eating childrens birthday cake, so I make a parents one too.
It's nothing to do with the cake, or all the icing, it's the goobers. And not necessarily the ones from the kids blowing it out. It's the tongues licking the sides of cakes and the unwashed fingers scraping big gobbs of icing off the side that I am really grossed out by. My son is one of the worst offenders in that area. Kids birthday party photos you will often see the picture of the cake with all the kids around and Mummy McTavish holding Lion in what is supposed to look like a loving cuddle but is really restraining him from scraping his little fingers along the side of the cake to get as much icing as he can in one go. He has made one child cry by doing this to the poor kids cake.
So, a monkey cake is baking and I think I can safely say, I wont be icing it tonight. That is a first for me. I always get it done the night before. I feel safer that way, if anything goes wrong I can call on someone else to whip up something "make do" for me. So tomorrow I will be hiding all the junk hanging around the house in our room or the garage, mowing the grass - hopefully Wolf will be really quick when he cleans the BBQ so he can help- slicing onion, buttering bread, icing a monkey... probably something else too. I had better get onto making some chocolate crackles.
PS It's not a Curious George cake it's just a monkey cake (Dragon's our little monkey). I just think George is a kinda cute monkey.

UPDATE: I have 74 chocolate crackles jammed into my fridge setting overnight. I am starting to think though that the whole two cake thing is an even better idea. The bigger of the two cakes stayed in the oven a little whole lot too long and is a bit "dark" around the edges and on the top. I hope I'll just be able to trim those bits off to shape the monkey head. I just got caught up in the excitement that is involved in making 74 chocolate crackles!

She'll be right.

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  1. I hope it all went well! I used to be organised with cakes etc too - but sometimes it's hard. I always police birthday cakes - & make sure I cute & distribute - without little helpers.


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