Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Tag, you're it!

Jennifer over at The Miles Family Adventures has tagged me... make sure you duck over and check out her answers too.

1. name: Mummy McTavish, Muuuuuuum, Mummy Lion, Mummy Digger, Mummy Huddy, Mummy Dung Beetle... the list is endless. And then there's Wolf's names for me... washer woman, dinner lady... just joking!
2. birthday: June 9
3. wear silver or gold: whatever I am given!
4. favorite restaurant: Giardini's
5. favorite junk food: Chocolate
6. favorite candybar: Is that a chocolate bar? if it is Mars bar.
7. favorite candy: Favourite Lolly? Strawberries and cream but I chew them apart and eat one bit then the other. But if I'm pregnant it's fruit tingles, I could have a pack a day habit when I am pregnant - except that my memory doesn't work well enough when I'm pregnant to remind me to buy more when I'm getting low.
8. favorite store: Target
9. favorite online store: Peters of Kensington
10. do you collect anything: Mess, Dirt, clutter.
11. favorite movie: The Princess Bride.
12. favorite book: I keep going back to the bible... but if we are talking novel... um... I can't remember... Biography... Tears of my Soul.
13. something you could never get enough of: new born baby smell.
14. favorite band: I'm still enjoying Ben Lee.
15. favorite indulgence: Sleep! but failing that it's coffee with friends.
16. something you never buy yourself but want: A cleaning lady.
17. favorite color: Purple
18. something you are wishing for right now: A cleaning lady.
19. favorite symbol: what? as in a shape? then a circle. or as in something that symbolises something else? if it's that then it's my wedding ring.
20. who are you tagging: Oh, I hate tagging but since it wants to know... Chimera since she needs to blog more, Queen Stuss because I don't think she has filled out one of these things in her life, BoyMom because she's got more boys than me (sounds lame when I say it but I think it's an achievement that she can still be sane enough to blog with 8 boys), Possum because she'll have fun doing this.


  1. Ha ha! Another quirky language thing... yes, a candy bar is a chocolate bar! :)

    I LOVE the Princess Bride. I just bought it on DVD a few weeks ago. I saw part of it on TV and it reminded me of how much I have always enjoyed it... so I bought it.

    One of the highlights of my trip to Sydney was finding out that there was a Target within walking distance of my hotel! I was in heaven!

  2. I have actually. If your lucky I'll do this one on my own blog. If I can get a few minutes of peace. A break from: 'I want a nectaween'.

  3. Ah sleep...my favorite indulgence as well, and sadly, I never get to indulge in it. *sigh*

  4. Thanks for tagging me!!
    It looks like fun!!


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