Sunday, 12 April 2009

Christmas in April?

As my boys sleep to the soft sounds of.... Christmas Carols???? oh well, they're sleeping so I thought I'd post the couple of Easter egg photos I have been told I must take every year because "that's what we always did" or something like that anyway. So this morning I got the last 2 photos out of the camera batteries before they died and had to go on to charge for our beach trip this afternoon. So let's not muck around anymore, my head hurts and I want to get to bed....

The Easter Bunny had a dilemma this year... where to hide the eggs so that they wouldn't be too hard to find but wouldn't be found and consumed before mummy and daddy woke up (he is a thoughtful little rabbit really). The answer...

He left a small trail leading from their bedroom to the hall outside the bathroom but not too many eggs in the trail so if they ate them all as they found them they wouldn't be too buzzed before breakfast.
He is a bit of a T.A. our bunny, there's not too many googies, but he does give a little non-dairy gift for the boys which was met with just as much delight as all their seasonal dairy treats.

(please excuse Lion's weird face... It's his "I'm sitting still and smiling like you asked now hurry and take the photo so I can go crazy again" face)
The boys found the eggs and Lion got INCREDIBLY excited and did a cute little dance singing...

"The Easter Bunny came,

The Easter Bunny came,

Happy dance, happy dance,

Happy dance, happy dance."

If you are a visual person and are imagining his cute little dance as you read this please turn off your imagination now because his next line was...

"Dance with me mummy"

So we did our "happy dance" in the bathroom while Dragon was hanging over the side of the tub drooling at their stash.

They made these baskets last year and they surprisingly survived to be put away for this year.

I realised this afternoon that I haven't eaten a single bit of chocolate at all this weekend. I think that is why I have had a headache all weekend, I've been in such close proximity to SO MUCH chocolate yet I haven't had a bite, my brain is rebelling. I'm thinking there must be something wrong with me to not have eaten any. Oh, except those two little eggs at the BBQ the other night, I know a certain someone will pick up on that if I forget to mention those.


  1. Man, I think the Easter Bunny went overboard at our place this year & now I have no room in my fridge.

    Not to mention the several chocolately gifts stashed away for two gorgeous nephews (to be eaten after their visit with Aunty Chimera tomorrow) !!!

    I have seen a number of happy dances, including a Mummy McT version also so I don't have to imagine. Little Bear has started "happy dancing" too (including singing the happy dance song). I wondered where it came from. Should have known better really!

  2. Yummy! Look at all that Cadbury chocolate! Whats wrong with you girl? Are you ill? That's Cadbury!

    Happy Easter to the cutest little Aussie boys I know.

  3. We "hid" some eggs at my parents today and Jonathan just loved picking them all up. He was even more excited to learn there was chocolate inside and at one point he was practically covered in it. I'm sure I'll be putting up a post about all that on Monday. For now, you are my first "Sunday Shout Out."

    God bless and Happy Easter!

  4. I was so visualizing your son doing the happy dance when you made me stop! The photo of the boys is so cute.

    Hope you finally had a bite of chocolate. I've been walking past a container of peanut M&Ms for two days. Yes, the container is getting less full each time I walk by.


  5. Those kiddies sure look happy!
    Who wouldn't be with that yummy bunch of chocolates!

    ps What??? You must eat more chocolates! It's the law! LOL

  6. Your Easter Bunny was very considerate. But I think you must be unwell. I hope your chocolate consumption rate has improved.
    The kids look deliriously happy.


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