Thursday, 16 April 2009

How do YOU do it?

Ya know, I used to carefully peel the foil off the eggs so it all came off in one piece, scrunch it into a ball and each subsequent piece of foil would be wrapped around that making a bigger and bigger foil ball. You know you've had too many when you can't get one piece of foil to go round the ball. (but then you just switch to bigger eggs with bigger bits of foil)

I'm finding that as the Easter chocolates wear on I'm getting less fussy, or perhaps more sugar fueled. I just tear the foil to shreds getting it off and scrunch all the pieces into one little wad to throw in the bin.

I've never thought about having an egg style (perhaps an egg-centricity, hahahaha, okay, it really wasn't funny, that one was all sugar fueled) but it's apparent that I do... or did. So what's your style?


  1. I'm normal. I just rip it off and throw it away. When you were little, I used to save them for the collage trolley at kindy, but I don't bother with that these days.
    Your 'hahahaha' definitely sounded manic from sugar overload. Take a few deep breaths and think peaceful thoughts!

  2. Now that you mention it, I used to try to get the foil off in one big piece. That's the goal each and every time but when it's not working, it doesn't deter me. I know there will be a next time to get it right!

    It might be a good thing you don't know about all of the kinds of chocolates I was referring to. It's just something else to crave and be addicted to. Do you want me to send you some??? They're worth the wait. :-)

    Much love from NJ,

  3. I'm like you, the more I eat the less picky I get. Were talking about those Cadbury eggs with the cream filling right?

  4. Personally I used to be super anal about it (I know - hard to believe right!) and keep all the wrappers perfect & kept them in a scrapbook for craft.

    Over the years I have softened & now I am more like Sue (3 peas in a pod) & try to get it off carefully, but if I rip it it's just an excuse for more chocolate & another try.

    Cheetah used to take them off really carefully & then scrunch them into a really tight little ball so the colour showed (not the silver backing) and keep them as his "jewels" in his treasure box.

    Now the only time he tries to get it off without ripping it is when it's bedtime & he want's to prolong the inevitable.

  5. Mine are Hershey Kisses instead of eggs but chocolate all the same... I wrap one foil in the next. Somehow I think this camoflauges just how much I have eaten! The empty bag is the tell-tell sign that many wads of foil have found their way to the garbage can. And many calories of chocolate have found their way to my hips, thighs, waist, etc., etc.


  6. Rip them off and pop them in. No fancy steps to it for me. Then I end up pocketing the foil for some reason in a wad, like I think it will magically grow chocolate again or something. I'm weird...I know.

  7. I guess I just rip off the paper and throw it away. It's going to be thrown away anyway so I don't care how it looks.

    However, I do like to rip the heads off the marshmallow peeps and eat those. Just the heads. Not the bodies. My family is used to seeing decapitated little peeps. They don't mind eating their poor maimed bodies.

    I also like to eat the chocolate bunny ears first.

  8. I just love that first photo of the two boys together! How precious are they!? Love it!

    And...I want one of those places here. Yummmmmm ice cream!


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