Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mind if I complain a little?

My boys are growing up. Wolf only realised on Sunday night that Lion is full time at school for prep next year. Dragon REALLY wants to go to kindy and I told him he will go next year (because mummy can't let go of him sooner than that) and Wolf asked if I was thinking just one day a week and would it be a day that Lion went and I had to inform him that Lion would in fact be at school EVERY DAY next year. *sniff, sob, hang on while I compose myself again* "Oh", says Wolf. Yep, that's how I feel too. "Oh".

Now, to designers of maternity clothes... If I MUST wear a tent to cover my ever expanding girth please can you make it more like one of those cute little tents that the trendy campers use and not something resembling a Drover's swag? PLEASE?

To Ernest Hillier - making chocolate does not a chocolatier make. That name is reserved for companies (is calling them artists taking it too far?) that make stuff that tastes GOOD, tasting like chocolate would be a start. Your bunnies taste yucky and I will no longer be snatching little pieces of my sons bunny each time I open the fridge door. Thankfully we have a fridge full of real chocolate so I will not be forced to stop my consumption all together.

It's not all complaining today... I did mention to Lion this morning that I was going to stop him from growing up and put him back in nappies and in a cot so he would stay little and he looked a little shocked till her found his "out"...

"But Mum, I still give you kisses!"

and he planted a big one on my cheek. I think I'll let him grow up after all.


  1. I had some Ernest Hillier chocolate months ago and thought the same thing, but because of the self-promoting blurb on the wrapper, I figured maybe my taste buds were the prblem. I'm glad to know it really is rubbish after all.

  2. I still think full-time prep is silly. They upped the starting age by 6 months because they said the children "weren't ready" to start education so young, but then they switch the first year (prep, preschool, whatever) from half-time to full-time?


  3. I think, maybe, Peach Blossom will keep you plenty occupied. So it's quite easy - as each sibling gets to school age, you make sure you have another one - then you'll always have a baby to take care of. Then very soon you'll top Mum-ee's half-dozen - I think "The Aussie Dozen" sounds good.

  4. I'm bracing myself for when Jonathan goes to school. I am sure I will be a basket case and will have to be sedated.

    The Aussie Dozen? What? Does Saint Bernard want you to become the next Duggar family?

  5. Can't tell you how many days I feel exactly the way you do about my Yaya. I know she needs and desires the interaction with kids but I'm not really sure I'm ready to let her start school. She'll be in school for the next 17 or more years of her life God willing. DO I WANT TO RUSH IT?
    I feel your pain sister!


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