Friday, 12 June 2009

Today's the day the teddy bears have their...


Lion, Dragon and I all had haircuts today... two of us at the 'airdressa' and one the back patio sitting on a kitchen chair with a booster seat made of phone books... I got mine done at the hairdresser so you can let me know which of the boys you think I sheared at home.

The boys were fighting so bad yesterday... if they weren't strapped in their car seats they would have been slingin' fists at each other! So what was it over? I hear you ask... Who loves cousin Cheetah more. Seriously. I thought that maybe they thought he was the only boy cousin since we don't see cousin Dragon much so I reminded them they have two boy cousins and although I'm glad they love Cheetah so much there's no need to fight over him and of course I should have expected the results... they started fighting over who loves cousin Dragon the most. Fun times. I hope Cheetah and Dragon are feeling very loved right now.

Aunty Mum-me however, I am sorry to say they didn't want to ring you to sing happy birthday, they didn't want to do a video of singing it to send you, they didn't even want to sing it to you... they did, however, sing happy birthday over and over again to the scented candle that was on our table for dinner. Not related to birthday candles, no confusion at all... the song went "Happy birthday to you, candle. Happy birthday to you, candle". But Happy Birthday from all of us. I am guessing you would probably rather I sang to the candle instead of you since I don't sing well at the best of times and now my head is all clogged up too.

Yep, that's right... remember this... "it turns out mine wasn't a cold"... from yesterday. Yeah well, being used as a human hanky for a week will make you catch a cold. My kids have been randomly wiping snot on me and my clothes and all that sort of ickyness since they got this so I should have known it was only a matter of time. I am loving my homeopathic cold stuff. Other than the fact that it's all I'm allowed to take when I'm pregnant, it actually works better than the regular cold and flu treatments. The gem of the human hanky performances came this morning. Dragon was on my lap watching TV and he turned to face me, grabbed my head with his hands and came in close to tell me something... he started to talk and I am going to assume that he was about to tell me he loves me because that somehow makes me feel better about the whole thing but I'll never know because he never finished... he coughed on me... about 3 inches from my face... I got the breeze... and all the green lugies... all over my face, in my mouth, EVERYWHERE! YUCK.

I made the boys some hankies out of flannelet last winter (with our last major bout of colds) so that their little noses didn't get too raw from all the blowing. I didn't hem them though so that they were completely soft and nice but unfortunately that has meant they didn't really survive very well. I trundled off to spotlight yesterday to buy some more flannelet and I couldn't find any remnants like last year so I looked in the full priced stuff and I found this...

Isn't it cute? It's been hard to get Dragon to blow his nose on anything other than me. He'll happily pick it all day long and just in case you are wondering, hands that have played in the dirt all day at camp + fingers constantly up the nose = black boogers. I thought having the nice soft hanky would work. He still didn't want to blow it. Until the pirates started taunting him and teasing him that they didn't think he could get his boogers on their heads... He rose to the challenge and boogered them good. Of course we have to look at our boogers to make sure they got the pirates and we have to look at our brothers boogers to make sure he got the pirates but hey, the more that goes on the pirates the less that goes on me. Wolf says I should photoshop in a big green snotty booger on the hanky picture but I thought that might be just a bit too far.

I have a friend that thinks she's funny. She is on the blogroll "if on a winters night a traveller". For my birthday this week she got me "iPod and iTunes for Dummies". I came straight home and read it. She knows me too well. I also got a cake at playgroup because my other friend (who sometimes comments as "Kate" or "Aunty Wilbie") was on morning tea and made a really yummy cake with the help of little Wilbie.

My favourite present was Wolf shaving off his prickly beard for me! YAY! I probably kissed him more in the first two days after shaving it than in the months he's been growing it... I hope that was incentive enough to keep it gone! He also got me a Best of Simon and Garfunkel CD which is making drowning out the boys fights in the back of the car over their cousins so much more pleasant. Problem is without my computer which has my iTunes on it I can't get it onto my iPod... The book didn't solve all my problems!

My belly is at the "moves by it's self" stage. Not the little kicks that are only noticeable if you actually have your hand on my belly, it's the ones that make my belly dance with no outside assistance and are noticeable by the general public now. That's not to say that the general public hasn't occasionally put their creepy hands on my belly but now they can see that YES THERE IS A BABY IN THERE without actually touching me. I don't mind friends touching my belly, that's fine. It's the creepy old men in the shops that give it a rub for good-luck or the weird chicks that think it's perfectly okay to poke it and exclaim "oh, you're like a little lollipop aren't you" or "I bet that's going to be a big one" seriously ladies, you don't even know how far along I am, I could be 2 weeks overdue and scared that I am going to have a teeny tiny baby and you have just said the most insensitive thing to me or I could just be totally normal for my dates (which I am) and you are just wanting to touch me for some weird reason so you say the first brainless thing that pops into your head as a way to justify contact.

This last one is from ages ago but I keep forgetting to blog it... I am starting to wonder if Dragon might be getting a little too into his Bob the Builder when I went to kiss him goodnight and I heard him mumble in his sleep "resueresueresue"... "what was that sweetie?" I whisper... "reduce, reuse, recycle, reduce, reuse, recycle". I just remembered that now because he is singing Happy Birthday in his sleep, no, Aunty Mum-me, not to you this time either:(

oh, and I did Lion's hair at home... Dragon begs to go to the 'airdressa' and Lion cannot stand it! I usually let Lion miss every second haircut but when I turned up at kindy this morning to a sign saying there had been a headlice incident I decided I'd just do it at home this afternoon. If I have to go searching through it for nits I'd rather there was less to search through.


  1. it takes cool pirate hankies to get kids to wipe their noses,huh? My older ds wipes his on his t-shirt and my younger ds wipes his on MY t-shirt so I totally understand must be a boy thing though??? My dd is pretty good about getting a tissue...ha! I call my 1 year old a 'booger baby' ALL THE TIME!
    I had to laugh about your ipod etc for dummies book...I read those dummies books all the time! Canning for dummies, knitting for on and so forth...heehee!


  2. Haha, Dragon gets called "booger boy" all the time too! glad I'm not the only one!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday! You all look so good with your new haircuts! Back when I was a hairdresser I actually had kids that sat more still than my husband does now! I can relate to the whole belly rubbing thing...what I'm confused about is that my mother in law is rubbing my tummy already...I'm only 5 weeks! I can't decide if I should be offended or not. Love the pirate/skulls hanky...super cool idea! What is your homeopathic remedy? Last time I was pregnant I got an awful cold (really, what cold isn't awful?) and could do nothing to help with the symptoms.

  4. Happy B-Day!!! Love the haircuts! Hope you all have a super weekend!
    ♥ HUGS ♥

  5. You should always stop by my house if you are looking for remnants of everything. I've got all sorts of bits of everything. I might make some hankies out of my bits of left over flannelette.

  6. You could try using a zig-zag stitch on the edges of the skull & crossbone hankies for you little boys. It should stop them from fraying too much, but won't make a bulky hem.

  7. I don't believe I've said this, but Happy birthday!
    Hope your cold disappears quickly and your shirts remain snot free.

  8. Happy birthday! The haircuts look nice and fresh for summer!

  9. Great summer hair! Sorry about all the cold yuck. I usually take Airborne when I feel a cold coming on, and it seems to work. (Not sure if it can be used by pregnant "mums" or not....)

    Never thought of using flannel material as a hanky. What a good idea. Always learning how to be a better mom!


  10. Mine are always fighting over the silliest things, they often come to blows but sadly it's never over how much they LOVE someone. Leave it to boys to turn everything in to a competition.

    Sorry to hear about the cold. I've been used as a human napkin before for dirty mouths just never been used as a hankie. :(

    Also, I always hated the touchy-feely strangers when I was pregnant. I always wanted to tell them to revisit that Kindergarten rule of keeping their hands, feet, and objects to themselves.

    Happy belated. Or as my two year old says: "Happy Cake to you!"

  11. Cousin Wilbie loves these photos. He keeps pointing to you and saying your name. He is saying it really clearly now. Will have to get him to say it next time he sees you. I love the top photo. It is a great one of you and the boys.

  12. @Heather - I use Brauers Cold and Flu remedy. I think it's an Australian company. I have also found some kids "medicated" lollipops that are great, homeopathic too.

    @Mrs Bear - I like the idea of Happy Cake! gotta love the way 2 year olds work!

    @Kate - Just make sure he says my name for his REAL aunty... she'll love that:)

  13. Our kids used to do what we called the drive by nose wipe. Yep, they would run past us and wipe their nose anywhere they could on our clothes. Yuck. Of course, I would always notice it when I was at the store. Nice look. I don't think I started a fashion trend, though.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy


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