Thursday, 15 October 2009


Lisa over at Views Beyond the Lens has started hosting Picnikpallooza... A chance to play with your photos and editing software or Picnik (for some free photo editing fun). I thought I would get involved as some incentive to get back into playing with my software and re-learning all that I have forgotten.

I put some together quickly this afternoon just to get me in on the action this week.

Mum rang to warn me of another beautiful sunset this evening.  I dashed down to the gully and started snapping away.  As I was watching it sink below the horizon I couldn't help but think of this verse...

I also wanted to turn this next image B&W to see how it looked... I still need to get used to editing on a laptop screen.  It shows colours and contrast different so I'm not sure how they will look for anyone else with contrast having a greater impact in a B&W image.

My little tiny Monkey.


  1. So, the bowl of Monkey made me cry. Stop it!

    Such an amazing thing to capture the beauty of Gods creations.

  2. WONDERFUL PHOTOS! Aww...a bowl full of monkey.........ADORABLE! I love! Awesome!


  3. I like the frame in Monkey's photo and I wondered how you did with the sunset. Not bad :)

  4. Oh the Money pic is adorable. I actually upgraded to the premium of Picnik and love it.

  5. I like the rays of your sunset pic. Nice work.
    And beautiful little monkey! I wish I had thought to do things like that.
    Very creative.

  6. I love them both! That verse is is monkey in that bowl! How precious! Thanks for getting involved...I just thought it would be fun....I think I'll do it once a month or something.

  7. Man, I am missing those Monkey cuddles. Not to mention Lion's and Dragon's as well.

    I haven't heard you mention how the new medicine is going lately. Has he settled somewhat?

  8. I loved the black and white sweet thing! Thanks for pointing me to that picnik. I need camera help!!!

  9. I enjoy Picnik, too.... It's just awfully slow on my desktop computer for some reason.

    That Monkey is incredibly cute, and both photographs are smile-makers!

  10. I really like what you've done with the pictures - do you use photoshop or another program?


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