Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Snapshot

Ahh, another Sunday Snapshot where yet again, to save you all that unnecessary chewing I have cut our week up into bite size pieces... enjoy.

Trying to get small children to nap the other day and in my frustration I declared "Dragon, you need sleep, just look at your eyes!" "BUT MUM! I CAN'T SEE MY EYES!"

Two boys playing in the sandpit and Lion asks Dragon to "get my reindeer digger" "you mean your John Deer digger" "Yeah, it's my John Reindeer digger".

The big boys are playing with the basketball and hoop in the back yard and there is screaming and yelling and fun then all of a sudden Dragon's screaming gets more frantic and Lion starts with his know-it-all voice "But Dragon, that's the whole thing of playing basketball - crash tackling it off someone else".

After a discussion between Wolf and I about my ‘snake sleeping on top of the garage door drops on my head when I press the opener button’ paranoia, Lion caught on that we were talking about places where snakes live and asked us where they could be living. We kept offering suggestion after suggestion like under leaves, in holes, in trees, and he just kept asking... eventually he filled us in on the places he was thinking of... “They can live in the roof and in letterboxes” “yes, they can, I hope none move into our letterbox” “yeah, because there’s male ones, they live in the letterboxes”... um, we may have a slight confusion about the whole male/mail concept.

And the photo at the top is just because he's so cute and he's too little to contribute to any of these cute little conversations just yet.


  1. Look at that beautiful baby! Oooooh! So lovely! And that "male" thing is hilarious! Your children crack me right up!

  2. Ypur boys are so darling. It is great that your boys are close together in age enough that they like to play with each other.

    I am confused so is there a snake living in above your garage?



  3. @Suz - Um, no, there is no snake living in our garage as far as I know... but one day there might be one sleeping on the top roll of the roller door and when I press the button, as the door goes up it'll fall on my head and bite me or strangle me and it just kinda freaks me out... that's a totally normal paranoia right?

  4. As always, your blog has me laughing. Can't wait till Little Monkey gets old enough to entertain me with his antics, too!

  5. Oh these are adorable (of course including the Monkey picture). I love the malebox.

  6. I love all of your children's sayings.... crash tackling in basketball, "mail" snakes in the letterbox... all just too cute. And you're so good at keeping up with all these cutequotes and posting such precious photos of Monkey!

  7. Your baby is adorable! Thanks for the giggle - your children are so funny - definitely smart boys. I love the way you remember all these little things.


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