Thursday, 12 November 2009

Access Denied

I've been vague, at best, lately. Out of it. Absent. Fuddled. Tired. Worn out. Cranky. Grumpy. Appointments that need to be made, haven't. Phone calls to make, left unmade. Commitments re-negotiated. And I blame this.

That was once our street. It has been dug out a metre deep in some spots. The road was just that dodgy. Further down the street they have only needed to take off the old road surface, for our section they would take off a layer, three men in business shirts teamed with pristine clean hi-vis vests would walk around and feel the earth, pat it, rub it, run it through their fingers, kick clumps of it, then signal the digger to take off another layer. It would have been funny if I wasn't freaking out.

I know that I need to make the decision to be either cranky and grumpy or happy and loving... it's just hard. The constant beeping of trucks reversing. Never knowing if we will have access to our house each day. Knowing that even if we have access in the morning I may just come home half way through the day with kids sleeping in the car and find that I have to park 3 streets away and walk (I didn't, I went and picked up the key for mum's house and went there). Being told that it will be two days without access as they do the road and then two days without access when they do the kerb and channel and then having 6 days without access just for the road and the BEST warning we got was the afternoon before, some days it was a knock on the door just after 6am telling us to move the car if we wanted to use it that day and then one day it was no warning at all. Road Closed signs being left up after work finished the day of the boys birthday party so our guests walked for three streets when they didn't need to. Near misses as we negotiate our way through the incoming trucks of dirt and outgoing trucks of old road. The council not following through on their promise of traffic controllers for the work site.

What I should be thinking about... the entertainment for the kids as they watch the huge machinery working. Their excitement at having machines like this...

parked right outside our house. The fact that we are FINALLY getting a new street (in the last weeks of each pregnancy I have tried my best to lift my butt off the seat as we drove along our street because it was so bumpy and in the early weeks it would make me want to throw up bumping along the street). That it has slowed down a lot of the cars that like to fly down the street and zoom around the cul-de-sac without a care for the kids that live on the street. I have had good reason to be running the air-con this early in the Summer to keep the dirt out of our house and lungs so we are staying nice and cool. That my friends care enough to offer their guest rooms to the boys and I if we need to escape for the day but still be by ourselves. That my parents live in the same town so we can crash at their place if we need to.


I started this days ago then Telstra cut off our phone and internet over a long running problem they caused but somehow expect me to be able to magically fix. I lost an hour of time with my kids while I was on the phone trying to sort that out yet again (they keep telling me it's solved, our phone will be reconnected at their expense blah blah blah and it happens again and again and yesterday they actually cancelled our contract so we lost our email address (thankfully not the one we give out) and I got really angry and yelled at the poor girl trying to help me which made me feel terrible) and then yesterday I went to go home after bible study and our street was cut off further away than it has been before and again without warning and so I was at mums and you know what... I'm cranky with the council but I've had a reminder that life's not so bad.

I was talking to a friend and she was telling me about a little boy she knows who can no longer trust a parent and step parent. Two people who should have his best interests at heart have hurt him and lost his trust... you know what, my frustration at Telstra and the local Council is a minor issue.


  1. But that still doesn't make it okay for the council and Telstra to mistreat people. I'll maintain the rage for you.

  2. I am sure the Boys are loving the machines etc outside.

  3. ((HUGS))

    And, to top off all of the frustration, I am guessing you aren't getting much sleep still.

    Oh, sleep makes it all better. So, does time, but who wants to wait that long???

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Those boys do look pretty happy with the machinery.
    It does sound incredibly frustrating. I'm glad that you have family and friends that you can crash at, so you escape that madness.
    May Telstra see the error of their ways and the roadwork progress quickly.

  5. My goodness... that poor little boy! How awful!

    I do agree however, that you have a right to be frustrated! I am annoyed for you. UGH

  6. If you you've seen our roads down here in NSW you'd think your street, before the heavy machinery came in, didn't needed fixing. We were there just the other month and can't rememeber that your street was that bad at all.
    Now if you want to hear some stories about bad roads, just ask Wolf to tell some of the tales he's heard from his parents & grandparents about the roads in Papua New Guinea - but that's another story!
    At least the boys enjoyed it.

  7. I'll be home all next week, so if you need to crash somewhere then, I'd love to see my boys again.

  8. Grrrrrr to Testra!
    Hoooooray for boys and giant toys!!
    Waaaaaah for that little hurt boy!!!
    Yay for places to escape.

  9. What a big inconvenience!! But I do have to say, your street is still beautiful even with all that mess. You should see where I live in New Jersey. It's pretty but doesn't compare to the Land of Oz...

    Hang in there Mummy!

    Much love from NJ,

  10. This to shall pass...probably with a loud diesel engine and back up signal going.

    You are such a great person. My Adorable Hubby met an Australian, Roger Anthony, I'm sure you know him. It's so fun to hear his accent which he assures us is not an accent, and listen to the different use of words. Makes me want to come visit your wonderful continent. We can still stay with you right?


  11. I would be cranky and grumpy, too! How irritating!

    But, you're right. The little grievances we encounter are nothing compared to the monolith-sized hurdles others face each and every day. It's nice to sit back and put things in perspective....

    and even better that Grannysaurous will stay angry for you! Now, you can be that sweet, loving mum you are meant to be!

  12. Hang in there. I've been cranky too and it hasn't been construction. I can't kick this illness and it has me so frustrated and ticked off. I hope the construction clears up soon. Hang in there. . . We can do all things through Christ.

  13. How frustrating. I hope they get it repaired quickly. As for telstra - we've had a run around with a mobile phone from them - not impressed.
    At lest your boys look so happy there with the machinery - I know my boys would LOVE it!


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