Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Snapshot

You know your week just isn't complete without a Sunday Snapshot from 'Casa McTavish'... So sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy the excitement that was our week.

This photo was from last week, or the week before or something like that but it's what the boys have started in the little kids playground at church.

They tip the plastic playground on its side and turn it into a rocket ship! They get quite creative using all the bits and pieces available in the playground.

Lion likes to draw pictures of things and ask me what they are (just like most kids do I think) this one had me laughing because after a few guesses (where I was hardly looking at it because I was cleaning space for delivery men to get through) I said "oh, I'm no good at this, just tell me"... "It's a cow dancing, Mummy"...

Well, yes it is Lion, I should have looked a bit closer!

This is what the delivery men were bringing us...

I GOT A NEW FRIDGE!!!! No creeping ice stealing our chocolates and stuff in the fridge, freezer drawers that I can open easily and close without sitting on the floor, bracing my back against the cupboards opposite and forcing them closed with the bottoms of my feet. No more pieces of fridge falling off in my hands. I LOVE IT!

I did drool over the beautiful french doors, the ice and water machines... all too big for the space it had to fit :-(

If I design a kitchen one day I will not allocate a specific size hole for a fridge. We could have had a bigger fridge, with ice and water thing, for cheaper, if we had a bigger space... didn't understand that.

That's it for our snapshot. Feel free to keep your shoes off and stick around just chillin' for a while, we don't kick our friends out here... just turn off the lights and lock the door behind you, I'm going to bed :-)


  1. That rocket ship looks like it's ready for take-off (at least in a child's mind!). I love creative imaginations at work....

    And the fridge, congrats on that new purchase!

    Oh, and the dancing cow.... really, now, that was pretty obvious!

    Take care,

  2. Love that fridge!! Woo Hoo!! I often wish for a newer one, but ours only looks bad. It works awesome.

    The dancing cow picture is perfect. He's good!

    Have a nice week,

  3. I am very impressed with the dancing cow. Wow!

    Love the look of the new fridge too. Pity about the ice & water thingy.

  4. Fantastic rocket!
    Cool cow!
    Very noice fridge. Enjoy the benefits.

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  6. Hehehe - giggled at Sandra's post. Or is that Kimmy?

  7. Oh I am so drooling over that fridge.

  8. But OF COURSE that is a dancing cow! Thanks for the laugh!

    I. too, am drooling over the fridge! It is a beauty!!!

    Mrs. NB

  9. That dancing cow is just the cutest & very realistic! Love your new fridge - it's going to be very handy!

  10. Those kids are so creative!

    I love the dancing cow and the space ship! And the fridge too!

  11. It does look like a dancing cow!

    And your fridge is magical. Shiny and magical.


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