Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Ahhh, Christmas. It's been and gone, we are still assembling toys and promising to eventually glue together the ones that don't want to stay together like they are supposed to and finding a brand new array of Lego under our feet and trying to remember who belongs to this or that new DVD or book. We are eating all the gifts we can (only the ones that are actually edible though) and eagerly waiting to try out some of the new cooking toys!
So how did our day go? well, sit back, grab a coffee and hold on tight. It's going to be a long one so i can remember it after next week!
Well, it started the night before like any Christmas day does. The boys got dressed in their PJ's and had a photo with the Christmas tree
They put out milk and biscotti for Santa in a Christmas bowl and carrot and beans for the Reindeer in a deer bowl... I told the boys that way Santa could fill the dish with water from the hose outside after they finished their veggies.
We had DC and L around for supper while I finished wrapping all the gifts and making sure I had tracked down all the gifts I had hidden. After they left we stayed up a bit to let Santa in and I snapped a photo after he had left some gifts for the boys...
In the morning I was woken up at 5:30 by the smallest of the boys for a feed and had JUST got him back to sleep at 6:00 when the bigger boys came in VERY excited "SANTA'S BEEN AND HE'S LEFT US PRESENTS!!!" So we dragged ourselves out of bed and went to inspect the mass of gifts under the tree. Now, I have this deal with Santa, he gives the practical presents so Mum and Dad get the credit for the cool gifts... I didn't factor in that NONE of the gifts were there when the kids went to bed so it didn't matter who it said it was from on the tag the kids thought they were ALL brought by Santa.
Anyway, the ones that Santa really did bring were pretty exciting even though they were practical... and there were gold (chocolate) coins in the toe of their stockings!
The big boys both got sleeping bags from Santa...
And the little Monkey got a couple of pairs of socks...
The rules are we do stockings and gifts from Santa then we have to stop and have breakfast and get ready for church before we plough through as many more gifts as we can before we have to leave for church. The boys opened their gifts from Granpap and Nano.
After we got home we were able to open the rest of our gifts and Mummy got a super-de-duper cupcake holder and silicone cupcake doo-dads.
and Wolf got the bluetooth car kit he's been drooling over.
I think I should have bought him a tea set like I got for Little Bear... he seems to like it just as much and it was heaps cheaper :-)
We try to keep gifts on the sane side of things and for the kids we stick with something to read; Lion - Atlas of the Universe, Dragon - Beginners Guide to Raising Dragons, Monkey - Boggle Eye Buggy Book (a board book you can attach to the pram). Something to wear; Lion - Lightening McQueen PJ's, Dragon - Robot PJ's, Monkey - a cute little monkey outfit. And something to play with; Lion - Power Miners Lego, Dragon - Matchbox Junkyard set, Monkey - A lunch set (he's got enough toys for now).
After church and finishing off opening the presents we headed over to Grannysaurus and Grandad's house for lunch with the rest of the family and some more present opening (that's where the photo of Wolf and Little Bear is from). Then it was home for a nap before heading to my Aunts house for dinner with ALL the family. I don't have many photos from lunch or ANY photos from dinner but it was all fun and lovely to see everyone having a great time.
You know how every year you are sure that there is another gift somewhere but you just can't think of what it is or who it's for... All the night before I was thinking it was dad's book I had forgotten but remembered at the last minute that was giving me the uneasy feeling. All Christmas day I was thinking it was Romeo and Juliette's gift that they got a couple of months ago so I didn't have anything for them on the day... just now I have remembered that I have a swing for Monkey 'hidden' in the laundry (in plain sight) that has been there since July waiting for Christmas... Silly, silly, Mummy.
Well, I hope your Christmas day was as fun as ours and all your toys worked and you remembered the batteries... and remembered the reason for CHRISTmas.


  1. Ah if only I would have remembered batteries! It would have solved a lot of issues. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day!

  2. We got Lego miners here to, but I believe the instuction booklet is lost. Oh well, it never stays put together the way it was intended. I am sure Milo will create a lego creature of his own.

    Looks like lots of family and fun. May you now have a Happy and fulfilling New Year.



  3. Hey I'd love to get your address to send a little something your way. Email me back, I checked in idenity below.



  4. Love the pictures, looks like Santa was very good to the boys this year. Monkey looks especially excited about his socks. :)

  5. I found a tiny blue plastic circle under a chair the next day. We think it came off Dragon's garage-thingy. Are you missing a blue plastic cricle????

  6. Great to hear you had a wonderful time. The boys look very happy with their gifts. (And so do you and Wolf!)
    Rowan came in and was eyeing off the Lego helicopter. He said he had put it on HIS list but didn't receive it. There was about 20 Lego items on his list and he did well to receive one from Santa and one from my folks.
    I don't think Monkey will hold it against you if he gets his present a little late.

  7. Your day was very full. I'd be so tired. Our kids are teens now so all the toys and excitement are at a much different level.

    You'll cherish your pictures. I sure am glad I have pictures and DVD's of many Christmas'. It's getting less exciting, but not any less meaningful.

    Enjoy! Monkey is sure getting big.
    Take care,

  8. I forgot the batteries, but fortunately the toys that I bought that required batteries included them! Phew!

    I see you commenting a lot over at Boondocks rambling, so I thought I'd stop by. You have a beautiful blog!

  9. @Suz- we freaked out the first time an instruction book was torn to shreds by a cranky younger brother but we found that the lego website has all the instructions for download YIPPEE! And your comment is still saying "noreply" so my email is mummymctavish(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to email me on that with your addy.

    @Grannysaurus- it's for sure off one of LB's fingerlights. I checked that today.

    @Ginny Marie- Thanks for stopping by and SuperThanks for commenting. I'm a bit slack with my blog visiting lately but I'll try to come visit you soon, I love new friends!

  10. Glad to see you all had a lovely Christmas. Monkey is getting so big. What a handsome bunch.

  11. Looks like lots of family and fun. May you now have a Happy and fulfilling New Year.

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  12. Looks like you had a great Christmas!


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