Thursday, 21 January 2010


've been hit!  or tagged, or whatever.  It's a desk meme and my real life friend Queen Stuss has tagged me.  So the details are sketchy but it looks like I need to show you how my desk is lookin'.

My desk is lookin' at this.  poor desk.  This is my computer-looking-at pose... seriously, I just came back to re-read my nonsense and it could have been a mirror... always the same pose. This is my late night tired, haggard look... it's attractive.  Web-cams are fun to play with your kids but you shouldn't use them for photos of yourself.

Oh, what my desk looks like?  Well that's nowhere near as exciting but here it is.

Paper clutter and bills on the right (paid on the bottom, unpaid on the top) with a box of flashcards and a folder of kids CDs thrown in for good measure, old crusty stained mouse mat and a little case thing with a mini SD card that i think may belong to Wolf... well, I'm pretty certain it does because it doesn't belong to me and I doubt it's the boys... laptop, Lego, tissues (serious sinus issues in this house) pen, cords and cables... that's the kitchen bench to the left and the back door to the right... Under the kitchen bench on the desk is the external hard drive and that blue cord is our currently too long network cable.  Under this desk is just enough room for the printer and a container holding USB cords and other such clutters.

I quite like this little set up.  When we got the laptop we wanted to move the computer workspace into the house (it was in the hot old garage) and Wolf had this tiny bench hanging around at work so he brought it home and it fit perfectly.  I can crane my neck to see the kids in the playroom at the end of the kitchen or I can look out the door and see them in the cubby house.  Perfect.  I can bring up a new recipe online and turn the computer around so I can see it to cook (but the computer is safe from cooking mess) but the whole thing doesn't take up precious space in our small house.

I've had a few people over who have tried to come up with some wonderful solution to our workspace problem but seriously, it's not a problem.  I like it the way it is.  I don't care if the desk is daggy and made out of a few leftover bits of wood, it works.  I like where it is.  I like to put my feet up on the shelf under the bench.  I just listen politely and don't change a thing... I do that with a lot of stuff actually, but we aren't sharing secrets in this meme, just our desk.

So that's my desk... now who to tag...

I tag YOU.

Yes YOU.

Don't pretend you didn't read that, now off you go, have fun and let me know in the comments if you do it!


  1. I stood up after reading your post and snapped a few pictures of my is. Tomorrow I will blog about it! :)

  2. I want a laptop!!! Oh, I am not suppose to covet, am I? OK, then I guess I must leave now. To repent, that is.

    Mrs. NB

  3. Yikes, my desk as it currently looks will never make it onto my camera, much less my blog. Never! Never! Never!

  4. With Jonathan and I being sick all week my desk looks like a bomb went off and left behind remnants of tissues, cough medicine, popcorn (don't ask) and diapers. doing this one.


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