Monday, 1 February 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Totally mixing it up today... Sunday Snapshot on a MONDAY!!!  Hold on to your hats, folks, if it's starting off this crazy who knows where it'll go!


Lion wrote a song this week...

*air guitar intro* Dang ga dang ga dang... "You've got three minutes..."  Dang ga dang ga dang dang dang ga dang "we need a flat piece of steel..." Dang ga dang dang dang ga dang ga dang "We're going to the junkyard to look for an engine..." Dang ga dang ga dang ga dang ga dang ga....

My boy can't get enough of Junkyard Wars... or Scrapheap Challenge... or any of those shows.


"Help, there's a dinosaur drowning in my coffee!"

I made coffees yesterday, cappuccino for Wolf and I and babyccino for the boys.  The kids had the dinosaur sprinkles on their babyccinos and Wolf decided he wanted them too... sometimes it's fun to be a bit childish.


I knew it would happen one day, I thought it would happen sooner than this!  Lion had a little mishap while wiping his bottom yesterday... it was hilarious... he didn't think so.  He had taken himself to the toilet and obviously was finished and wiping his butt when we hear screaming coming from the toilet and lion comes running out with one hand held as far away from him as he can get it and the other holding his shirt up "I WAS WIPING MY BUTT AND MY FINGER WENT THROUGH THE TOILET PAPER AND I'VE GOT POO ON MY FINGERS!!!!  SOMEONE TURN ON THE TAP QUICKLY!!!"

My laughter was quickly met by another scream "It's really not funny, mummy, it's soooo gross!"  yes, we have discussed that before little man.


"I've got my snugly to take to bed with me" says Dragon.


Sunday School started yesterday.  Dragon gets to go this year, he was VERY excited.  At the moment it looks like he is going to be the only one from his age group that is going to go.  They are allowed to go at 3 as long as they can at least try to sit and listen and participate.  Dragon is better at that than Lion so I figured we'd be okay.  Dragon was absolutely thrilled that he was allowed to go and do the craft and listen to the story and sing the songs and do whatever else they do at Sunday School, he has been waiting for so long to be allowed to go!


Is it just me or do these two...

...look like they have escaped from the Village People?


Today is my first day with just Monkey Man and I.  I've got to admit, I'm quite enjoying it.  I just had lunch... I got the container with the leftover chicken still on the frame out of the fridge, put it on the bench and stood there and ate some.  Kids kinda expect you to make them something for lunch, dumping a dead, cooked animal down in front of them just doesn't cut it.  Picky picky.  Monkey and I did some shopping this morning because we needed a few things and it was so lovely, just the two of us.  I can be sad that the big boys are gone, but since that isn't going to change I'm not going to feel guilty having a lovely day without them!


Finally... Update on Kate... 34 weeks, blood sugar levels are good thanks to nightly insulin and babies are still growing well. Dr is unlikely to induce babies until at least 37 weeks. She would appreciate prayer for more sleep at night and a smooth transition for little Wilbie when she is in hospital.  34 weeks was the magic date to be allowed to go to the hospital that she wants to.  YAY WE MADE IT... (I say that like I had something to do with it... hehehehe).  Don't worry, I will certainly be shouting it from the blog-tops with these little sweeties are born!!!



  1. After we got home, Ralph said to me 'Dragon went to Sunday School today' followed by a muddle of sentences which I deciphered as 'can I go with him next week?'.
    I was waiting to see if he was interested in going, so I guess there will be two next week. We're giving him the option of going or not going for now.

  2. Oh I am so glad for Kate! Lovely chat post girl!

  3. It's great to hear how excited Dragon was to go to Sunday School. Our boys were rather pleased that Sunday School was back on again yesterday too.
    And sometimes I think lunch is over rated. I'm glad you enjoyed the benefits of the boys at school/kindy with Monkey man. Hope they had a good day too.
    And prayers for Kate for good sleep and those babes to keep on growing!

  4. The poo in the fingers had me laughing out loud. I probably would have said something comforting like, "I have had your poo on my fingers more times than I can count. Get over it!"

    Oh, wait. Not so comforting, huh?

    too funny!

    Mrs. NB

  5. Sunday on Monday?! You are a wild woman!

    And the poo finger, poor Lion, but it really was hilarious. I've had the same reaction during diapering mishaps. Ew ew ew ew ew!

    The Lego men are totally Village People escapees.

    Glad Kate is doing well! Maybe you had a teeny something to do with it. ;)

  6. This pregnancy does feel like a group effort between my husband doing so much extra house work, our Mums babysitting, our church family praying for us constantly and my friends supporting me through teary melt downs.

    Thanks for the prayers. God is faithful and he sure is listening. It is providing me with a lot of healing after only making it to 24 weeks with my first set of twins.

    Gorgeous photo of Monkey and Dragon (again). Doesn't Lion like snuggling? Silly question I suppose.

  7. I just told my 4yr old that you are going to get poo on your finger if you wad your paper into a ball then wipe. Who taught her how to wipe?

    Go girl, you enjoy the time alone with your little one.

    So excited Kate is doing as well as can be expected. Prayers coming.



  8. Poo on the finger! LOL

    I love eating my way. I tend to make me a nice little plate and rejoice in no one to share it with.

    Just love the randomness of this post. I get to enjoy a much deserved smile before settling into homework and bedtime routine.

  9. Great update!! Love the sprinkles on the drinks! :) Great photos!


  10. I love the singing and the coffee stories! I want some of those sprinkles too!

    The poo story...oh too funny! That boy! He's a hoot!

  11. I loved your update. Every bit of it. That snuggly picture is so cute.... And the song. I had already thought to tell you that I pause and really look at your header pictures every time I visit. Those two boys look like awesome rocker dudes!

    Okay... so I was confused... again. You ARE alone with Monkey while the boys are at school. I must be half asleep sometimes when I leave a comment. Pardon me...! I really need to concentrate better.

  12. This was a very informative post. It's good to catch up all in one post.

    Sorry poor Lion had to experience poop on his finger. It happens to everyone at least once. It is gross. That's for sure.

    Thanks for dropping by. I love your stopwatch at 4:00am story. That would really drive me nuts.

    It reminds me of toys in the toybox that randomly decide to make noises in the night and scare the kids or drive mommy nuts trying to find what it is.

    Take care,

  13. OMGosh! I can't get over that picture of Monkey! he looks so big all of a sudden!!!!

    Wow. I bet the house is going to seem so ...quiet with just one home. I can't imagine.

    Congrats to kate making it to 34 weeks. That is WONDERFUL! (I delivered E&W at 35 weeks and they came home from the hospital with me 4 days later.)

  14. So glad Kate is going well - she's made further than I did - our boys were born at 34 wks.
    Good to catch up on your gorgous family. Your kids always give me a giggle - I can imagine the poo on the fingers episode LOL
    Hope you are keeping well. Hasn't Monkey grown a lot!
    Have a nice week
    Renata :)


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