Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Yep, it's Sunday again.  Time for a snapshot of our week... or the bits of it that I can remember anyway.

Thursday I dropped Lion off at school and walked back to Grannysaurus' house to collect the other two boys and Dragon had found a purple lunch box and asked Grannysaurus if he could take it home... Grannysaurus decided to take advantage of someone wanting to remove some clutter from her house and said "yes" in spite of Mummy frantically shaking her head and mouthing "NO NO NO NO NO".  Thanks Grannysaurus.  Anyway, Dragon had fallen in love with his purple lunch box and wouldn't be parted from it so it came home with us.  I left Dragon playing with his lunch box figuring out what did and didn't fit in it and made him some morning tea.  after I had given him his morning tea I went back in a few minutes later and found that he had one more thing that fitted in his lunch box...

His morning tea bowl!

After a hideous night with no sleep and feeling like I was walking around in a haze I had spent a while trying to convince Dragon to go down for an early nap.  He resisted and I knew that it wouldn't work if I just put him into bed and told him to sleep so I let him go... problem was once it was really nap time he was well and truly in resist mode.  I decided he was settled in with the electronic babysitter so I left him and had a nap for me.  I woke up a little bit later and thought things sounded too quiet so I went to investigate...

I knew he was tired!

So other than using the TV to babysit the kids I do have other options for when I am on my own and need to go do something else in the house.  I simply wrap them up and put the monkey in charge...

As much as I would love them, no one makes baby straight-jackets so a stretchy wrap works well for a short term solution... and that monkey is one tough jailer!

I do let him out though.

Yesterday I did a Tupperware bridal shower for Em.  I wasn't going to start back doing Tupperware until Monkey was quite a bit older and didn't need to feed as often... but special circumstances changed that.  So I had to take Monkey with me.  I wouldn't do it for anyone else but I knew he'd have people happy to cuddle him while I did what I needed to.  Poor little man fell asleep in Aunty Em's arms!

Today Wolf checked with Lion what he was up to and he told him he was taking the TV cupboard apart.  Wolf figured he was pretending like he usually does and just forgot about it... until he realised Lion had removed a door from it's hinges!

Lion has been coming home with almost all his lunch still in his lunch box.  The first two days of school I put stickers on his lunch boxes with with 1's for the ones he needed to eat at morning tea and 2's for the ones he needed to eat at lunch.  After that I told him he needed to eat two of the little ones at morning tea and the big one and the other little one at Lunch.  We had a little problem though, he could never remember if he needed to be saving something for the next break combined with being a slow eater and wanting to go and play so most days he has been hardly eating anything.  I wanted him to have freedom so I tried showing him in his lunch box and asking him what he was going to eat and when before school each day and it wasn't working.  I offered to go back to the stickers "Yes please mum, I really liked it when you did that".  So that, along with a little incentive of tuck-shop for one item on a Friday and some yummy, healthy things in his lunch box, hopefully we'll get him filling his tummy at school.

This afternoon I decided to get some standby yummies frozen for lunches during the week so I whipped up 1 dozen mini ham and pineapple calzones.  I was going to do 2 dozen but realised that I probably needed to feed my family and it was getting to time I should be putting food on the table so I turned the other half of the dough into a pizza for dinner.

Don't they look yummy?

Hopefully I'll get a batch of pikelets whipped up at some point this week to freeze a heap of for morning teas.

I am determined to get on top of this school lunch thing.

So how was your week?


  1. Those calzones look yummy. I've never attempted such a thing but may have to give it a try one day.
    I love the picture of Monkey with the little monkey on top.... And that sleepy Dragon looks precious all scrunched down sound asleep in the chair....

  2. I hope you get a mommy night out or break soon. Next time we have a tea party we'll invite Dragon to join us. Sounds like he's a guy that's always prepared.

  3. I am a sucker for pictures of sleeping kids! They look so innocent!

    Here's hoping this week is full of restFUL nights!

    Mrs. NB

  4. Hope you get some rest. I don't miss those sleepless nights one little bit.

    I tell my children they have to eat their fruit at morning tea time, and their sandwich at lunch. When they are/were in pre-school and Kindergarten I packed their M/T and lunch in separate boxes so they would remember.

  5. Well we could probably call each other when we are having our sleepless night and not wake the other up. I have decided my hair thinning problem is lack of sleep.
    Sister you are not alone. I pray this week goes better.

    I loved monkey on Monkey. Your boys are so cute. They are worth every sleepless momnent. Hang in there.



  6. Monkey is so cute. I am still giggling over how cute he was in church yesterday chatting away.

    I suspect your Sunday snapshot next week may contain some exciting news which may momentarily take your mind off the sleepless nights.

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  8. You made those for school lunches??

    All we ever got was sandwiches, fruit, some kind of 'bar' (muesli, fruit, biscuits & cheese dip, etc) and a 'yummy' (biscuits, piece of cake, etc). :(

    That said, with four school aged kids you do not have a lot of time.

    I'm not sure how mum got us to remember what to eat when in Grade 1 (remembering that back then preschool was only part-days a few times a week so I don't think we usually had two lunch breaks). I think I was just used to having sandwiches for lunch, and I ate the rest at morning tea.

  9. They do look rather yummy.
    Monkey jailer and Monkey's expression make me chuckle.
    And Dragon did a good job of a straight jacket for his nap too.
    And thinking about wrapping, does Lion like wraps for lunch. My kids get a very repetitive/boring lunch but they eat it (mostly).

  10. I will have to post the recipe for the calzones. They are easier than sandwiches for me to do. Half an hour's work to make that batch (with interruptions), freezing most of them. The night before, I whip one out of the freezer, toss it in a lunch box in the fridge then into his lunch bag in the morning. Easy.

  11. So what are pikelets? Those calzones look great. And love that monkey babysitter with monkey.

  12. Those look awesome.

    Monkey is so terribly cute! He does look concerned with the Monkey being in control though.

    And Lion was tuckered all out wasn't he?! little one has to go pee-pee...he';s potty training so I'd better go!

  13. Whew, I only missed 2 posts, I was starting to have sleepless nights over what my blog friends were up to while I was too busy to get to the computer.

    Night terrors are the worst. My mom used to give us B vitamins, good luck getting that nasty stuff down though.

    Those calzones look delish! I need the recipe. Poor boy figuring out eating at school is an important step and not easy.

    I love the monkey babysitter! It made me smile!

    Hugs, hope you're getting a bit more sleep.

  14. Those calzones are such a great idea. It is so hard to stay on top of it. Since I am on the other side, let me encourage you that seriously every day it is getting a teeny, tiny bit easier. You cannot always see that but it is. I love seeing photos of your little men.

  15. So, you are my new hero! I'm walking around like the living dead going without sleep, feeling like a snack bar for the baby and wondering how I'll survive the next few weeks and I come over here to see your hosting a tupperware party, making all sorts of delicious treats and managing to keep your house running and kids well taken care of. I need some of your magic!

    They say in all the breast feeding books/articles that the baby should sleep for two hours in between feedings...they didn't tell my little guy this. I'm just wondering if you went through that when Monkey was a newborn...did you have stretches where he did not want to be detached?

  16. I completely forgot to say how incredibly cute all those pictures were!

  17. @Cat - pikelets are pretty much just little pancakes... I keep meaning to make some more and take photos but it hasn't happened.

    @Heather - I am so sorry I haven't got back to you! I have no magic. I am doing just what will keep the house going and baking is only if it will save me time doing other food prep later. Now go and get those breastfeeding books, grab the sections on how your baby should sleep, tear them out and rip them into tiny little pieces and do a dance on them. It wont help with the sleep but it'll make you feel better. They do need a certain amount of "passive sucking" or "non-nutritious sucking" and it can be you or a dummy/pasifier (mine wouldn't take one). I was going to write more but my baby wants his buffet back... email me if you want through my profile thingo.


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