Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Snapshot

A little someone has started sleeping... it makes all of us happy when he sleeps... especially him...

^^I have been trying to get this face on camera for ages... I LOVE IT^^

^^this is a face just like one his big brother Dragon pulls^^

Not much to say this week... just enjoying the sleep.

I got a video of him giggling but there is so much background noise you can hardly hear him... so I'll tease you with a promise of a new one shot and uploaded soon!


  1. That sure is one happy boy! Love it.
    And hooray for sleep!

  2. He is sooo cute. No wonder you don't sell him on ebay the rare times he's grumpy :) and no wonder we all love him.

  3. I'm missing him (and my other boys). Seems like ages since I saw you all.

    I still haven't seen the twins yet either. Man I'm slack. We've had a big week & a couple of big weekends lately. Makes it difficult.

    Hugs to all my boys !!!

  4. Sleep is fantastic! Although that first night they sleep through always makes you wake up a bit bewildered, like maybe you slept through something. Congrats. And that sweet.

  5. He is just so cute! And doesn't he look like his big brothers!
    Thanks for the gorgous pics.

  6. I'm so glad you are getting some sleep. It looks great on him! I love that series of photos!

  7. YAY!!!!! SLEEP!!!! It really is a precious thing, isn't it?!

    GREAT photos! He looks so much like his brothers!!!

    Mrs. NB

  8. What is your trick, does it work for adults too. I want to sleep like a baby.

    Soo.... cute. I think he looks like you.

    I love it when they giggle at this age. Their giggles are watery and bubbley. LOL

    He is a keeper.




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