Friday, 30 April 2010

You can knock all you want...

but I'm not in today.

Consider this a note pinned to our bloggy door to say that you can find me at a friends place today...

Sweet Lisa over at Boondock Ramblings asked me to guest post while she cares for her darling little boy after his surgery.

I wouldn't say I'm taking care of the place while she's "out".  It's more like I'm making it look lived in.  You know, leaving my grubby shoes by the door, coffee cups sitting on the table, dishes in the sink... that kind of thing.

Anyway, pop on over there and put your feet on Lisa's furniture with me.  We can always blame the grotty marks on her pets.



  1. Thank you! Thank you again for guest posting! I'm so appreciative! Jonathan is doing well...even more so than his mommy...he doesn't seem to even mind the teeth are gone. I miss them terribly, but will have to get over it. He didn't really have a lot of pain,but it did wipe him out physically! Thank you again, Mummy McT! :-)

  2. Oh and those grotty marks?'s OK. My pets do that stuff all the time! :-)

  3. What a sweet friend and nice thing to do. Well maybe not the marks. LOL Hope her little one is feeling much better soon. Hugs to you and your friend's family.

  4. When I saw your post title I thought you were going to post about your little ones. Banging on your bedroom door. Your bedroom where you and your hubby were..... hoping for some quiet cuddle time. LOL

    That is so nice of you help Lisa out. Hope every thing is going well.




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