Sunday, 30 May 2010


Part of Wolf's 40th birthday excitement was the loan of a longboard from the skate shop around the corner from his work.  The owner of this shop hates me.  He gave Lion a skateboard (and helmet, thankfully) for his second Christmas when Lion was only 15 months old... yes, a 15 month old with a skateboard!  Anyway, Lion has my co-ordination gene so the whole concept of balancing on the board is a little challenging for him, hence he has a lot of spills.  Dragon is still not prepared to stand on a skateboard yet so he has less spills but he is also getting to be a bit of a daredevil on his scooter.  I have already posted one photo of Wolf riding the board but here are some of my other two big boys from that afternoon...

boys = skinned knees

About to stack.
From memory he caught himself before the ground caught him.

He did not want to pose for this one, Daddy was just out of frame to reassure the nervous Dragon.

More than happy to pose for this one with his tough-guy look.

Just ignore the fact that he's also fixing up his hungry-bum.

These were going to be a part of a Super Sized Sunday Snapshot... Then Lion and Dragon puked their guts up all over the place.  We had DC and L over for dinner and had just got the kids into bed... I am pretty sure Dragon's isn't a stomach bug but was more of a sympathetic puke... Lion has continued to try for gold in the vomitolympics.

I think I jinxed myself.  I cleaned out under the laundry sink 2 weeks ago and found 2 almost full bottles of disinfectant, nearly 4 litres all up, and joked that at least I was ready for the next vomitageddon... looks like it's happening... never say the "V" word.  So, I have pulled all the towels that I was going to wash tomorrow out of the basket ready for clean up duty, I have a stash of chuck-buckets piled beside the boys door and one next to each of their beds, so as one is used it can get rinsed and left in the bath tub to be dealt with in the morning.  Now all I have to do is get some extra bedding ready to go and then I can go to bed and pray that all the preparation was unnecessary.  I hate puke.


  1. I hope the boys feel better soon and master those skateboards! :-) They are so cute on them!

  2. Oh Man, what cute and TOUGH little boys. Love how proud Lion is of his boo boo and the tough look Dragon gave while holding his board. Too funny!

    However, not at all funny that they are both so sick. Tell them both to growl at the flu bug and maybe it'll scram really fast from fear.

    Hugs to you and the boys.

  3. Oh my word - I am so afraid of skateboards and all that entails.

  4. What great little skaters you have there! Love your pictures


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