Thursday, 3 June 2010

The sound of silence... or not.

So, uh, why is no one looking at me? - Dragon.  That's his mood today... it's only midday and already I feel like I've done 3 days worth of attention giving for that boy.

I'll just get the ass-tergent for the dishwasher - Dragon You don't wanna know what scent that stuff is.

Blaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh - Monkey That's the sound of vomit shooting out of my tiny Monkey and pooling in my bra.

Blaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh - Monkey That's the sound of it happening again.  I swear it was like the kid hadn't digested anything for 3 days! How on earth am I supposed to get this kid to put on weight if he's going to get a gastro bug and puke twice his weight into my bra and all over the few clean clothes I have left to wear.

okay, I'll just spare you the sound effects and tell you that it wasn't isolated to those two incidents... each time pooling in my bra and soaking me head to toe.

zzzzzzz - Wolf  That's the sound of me being a good wife and letting my husband sleep because I know he needs to be able to function for work the next day.

snaffernufferglimberfreakingastrobug - Mummy McT That's the sound of me at 3am cursing the indoor play-place where Lion picked up this stinkin' tummy bug.

Mum, I don't really like this dinner that I like all of - Lion explaining that even though I had proved to him that he liked EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT in the quiche that he doesn't actually like the quiche

But I do like you Mum - Lion saving his skinny little butt from the wrath of mummy :-)

Ooooh, I want leftover quiche for my school lunch - Lion making me wonder what on earth I am going to do with this kid?

I have so much rattling around in my head that I want to blog.  Serial killer tendencies in my middle child, bad habits that surely grown-ups should have grown out of, birthdays, visitors, super-heroes... I also want to get around to commenting on all the brilliant blogs I have been reading in my feed in the wee hours of the morning... I also want to get some sleep... and catch up on the house... and eat some chocolate... ooh, there's a good place to start on my to-do list...

see you later.


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  2. Too cute! Not the vomit, though. There is NOTHING cute about that... and, in the bra... well that is just awful! Praying you all are on the mend soon and that everyone doesn't feel the need to share the stomach flu.

    BAD playplace!

    Mrs. NB

  3. Fancy Kate suggesting a trip to Lollipops play centre :) Now that's ironic. Obviously you haven't told her where the bug came from.
    I hope he's better soon and that Dragon doesn't get it - or Mummy - or Daddy - or Grandma. Okay, so things could be worse.

  4. Once the gastro bug has left your family, I would love to catch up. I feel like it has been forever since we chatted. I was going to suggest a Lollipops trip sometime in the near future with Dragon and Little Wilbie.

    The twins need some Aunty McTavish cuddles soon. Emily wants to blow raspberries for you and Lachlan wants to gaze at you adoringly.

  5. My new bras groaned for you!

    I think chocolate was the very best choice, really I do.

    Hug...wait, maybe save that for a post without a tummy bug.

  6. Trying times. I hope all feel better soon and that you too get some sleep.

  7. Grannysaurus - No, that makes it sound like the bug came from lollipops but it didn't. That is the cleanest play-place EVER. I ♥ Lollipops... they are clean, take care of my kids AND they make good coffee... if only they had a sound-proof room for the parents to sit in it would be as close to heaven as you could get!

  8. That sounds HORRIBLE! I'm so sorry he's been so sick and you've had to wear it so many times. Oh the fun of motherhood.

    I pray you don't get it too.
    Remember, we'll all be here. Take time to do what you need to at home. Take a hot shower, sleep, take another hot shower if you need to. You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Your kids are so cute...& funny - well except the vomiting bug that definitely isn't funny.
    Hope you're all feeling better soon & you can catch up on some sleep.
    Have a great weekend

  10. This is so funny and so awful all at the same time. I'm so sorry about the vomit. But you told the story in a brilliant way. I'm so behind on blog reading and commenting this week it isn't funny! And now I am off to take photos of a newborn and wonder if I'll contract baby fever!


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