Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ticket to Ride

This kid is proud of himself... and rightly so!

Today he ditched the training wheels!

I had plans for this to happen over the holidays (which start in a week).  There was going to be subtle hints at how much fun it would be to ride without training wheels, discussions about friends that are now on two wheels, that sort of thing.  Then, this afternoon we took the boys to the park for a ride and after about 30 seconds one of Lion's training wheels broke... Uh Oh!

I knew he wasn't a fan of getting rid of them because he had told me so a few times.  I was pretty sure it was just to do with the tricks he could do while he had them on and not a fear of falling off or not being able to use just two wheels.  Thankfully, just this morning a friend told me that her daughter, a friend of Lion's, had just taken off her training wheels (YAY Emily!) so when he said he didn't want the broken wheel taken off, he wanted it fixed, we told him the exciting news about Emily and how much fun she has on her two wheeler and he thought that maybe it might be okay... then he changed his mind... then he changed it back... then, well, you get the idea.  So Wolf just took the bike back to Grandma's and took off the training wheels.

"You're holding on aren't you Daddy?"

"Keep pedaling"

"You're doing it!"... "WHAT? Am I?"


There was no stopping him then!  I think if we had let him, he would have ridden off into the sunset.

The reason we had actually gone to that park for it's good bike tracks was so that Dragon could have a burl on his new bike!  His little buddy J-Mac happened to have two bikes the same size so when I mentioned that we needed to move Dragon up from his trike Queen Stuss offered one of J-Mac's bikes.  Dragon thought it was the most wonderful thing J-Mac had ever done for him and could not believe that he didn't need to give the bike back... it was really his!  He told everyone he saw that his friend J-Mac had given him a big boy bike and it was for him and it was red (orange) and his friend J-Mac had given it to him and he could keep it and and and and and...

Here it is...

He's pretty proud of himself too!

He was so worn out after riding this one because a) he has to do all the work for himself, no parent handle on this big boy bike. b) the trike pedals are designed to be easier to push for kids, this has regular bike pedals with an up/down motion instead of an out the front pushing motion.

I know he was pleased with himself because when he's feeling like that he turns into a bit of a clown so we see lots of this...

(I've been told he looks like me more than the others, what do you think?)

Also lots of this...

Crazy kid.

So what was Monkey doing while all this bike riding was happening?

He was digging into the choc chip fudge cookies of course!


  1. Okay, Monkey at the end was a hoot.
    Working backwards, Dragon is a clown like N. And a very clever big boy too.
    The cleverest and most talented boy of all is Lion. Way to go kid! Nothing will stop him now.

  2. That is so exciting for Lion and Dragon and look at Monkey! He's lovin' that chocolate! Um...I want some!

  3. Go Lion!!!!! Movin' on up in the world.

    P.S. Monkey, you have the right idea, I would have been into those cookies too, probably making a similar mess....

  4. Congratulations! I can't wait for Yaya to learn to ride on her own too.

  5. So..... glad to see the bike helmets! I see way too many head injuries in my profession.

    I jsut love bike rides. Way to go boys!

    Monkey, I can tell you take after your mummy. Love that chocolate.

  6. I loved it! The eyes peering back at dad, the beam of accomplishment, that I have a new buddy who loves to ride a bike!!! Way to go! And though it was eons ago, I still remember the day I took the training wheels off my little rusty bike and hit every curve, too embarrassed to tell anyone. Dad was there, but not to teach me to ride. Had to do it on my own bravery, which surprises me I ever did, being the chicken and hater of pain that I am. But hoooray.... a biking we will go!

  7. Oh wow - big big moments! We still have to get that training wheels of but that is solid dad's department.

  8. Well done! It's so cute once they get rid of the training wheels - & once they're ready they just seem to enjoy riding all that more!
    I think those choc chip fudge bikkies sound great too!


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