Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Snapshot of Randomness

Another little snapshot of our week... and a video from the week before because I haven't put it up here yet.

Dragon has been telling me for days that he has a cough but is only ever coughing to punctuate his desire for cough medicine.  I've gotta say, our cough medicine tastes good, I can't really blame him for wanting some.  So, judge me if you want, I spun him a story...

Mummy: "Are you sure you want cough medicine?"
Dragon: "Yes *cough* I have a cough *cough* I need some of my cough medicine *cough*".
Mummy: "I don't think you do have a cough."
Dragon: "*cough cough* I DO have a cough *cough*"
Mummy: "Well, just be warned, cough medicine tastes really bad if you aren't really sick.
Dragon: "I am *cough* sick *cough cough*"
Mummy: "Okay".  Goes and pours a couple of mls of straight lime juice into a medicine cup and heads back to Dragon.  Making sure he's standing on the tiles just in case we need a clean up she hands him the cup.
Dragon: Takes a big swig of 'cough medicine' and puckers his face up from both the surprise and the taste.
Mummy: "How did that taste?"
Dragon: "not very good" and defeated he goes back to playing without coughing... kinda like he's been doing all morning other than while he'd been asking for cough medicine.


Lion read a book for himself today.  ALL BY HIMSELF.  Actually, he read FIVE books ALL BY HIMSELF.  I cried.  Because I'm a big fat sook. I have been trying to convince him that he can read, he has all the skills he needs he just needs to sit down and really give it a go.  This week I caught him sounding out words on EVERYTHING he could get his hands on so I pounced.  I praised and I encouraged and I praised some more.  I couldn't find any books that we had that were written completely in words he could read but I got him to read as many words as he could but he still didn't get it that with the right book he would be able to read it ALL BY HIMSELF.  Today he found one of our boxes of Reading Eggs books and asked if he could read them since he wasn't able to play Reading Eggs on the computer.  Seemed like a good idea to me.  I thought all the books were made up of one word to each page along with a picture so he really could tell by the picture and that everything in the book started with the same letter so really not that challenging but confidence building none the less.  Next thing I know I am hearing "I am Sam, Sam p-a-t-s, PATS a cat"... what the???  there are short story books in the pack and he has picked one out to read.  He read all four of the stories to me and one of the alphabet books.  WOW.  He was so pleased with himself.  I was pretty darn pleased with him.  So now, just like I thought he would... My boy LOVES reading.


We often find wildlife in our house.  Spiders are not at all  uncommon, Geckos are thriving around here and frogs are an all too familiar pest.  It used to be just little ones but something wasn't sealed properly when we got the aircons put in 15 months ago and now we regularly get large green tree frogs in the house.  These are TWO that Wolf caught the other night.  He wanted to take a photo with my phone so he brought them into our bedroom and held them over my head while he took this photo.  Thankfully I slept through the entire thing, I must have been tired because usually I wake up to their plop-plop-plop through the house and I'm the one that goes to hunt them down.


Lion had his school production on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  He did GREAT!  He had a small speaking part as the dad in their pet shop play and had lots of fun but was so incredibly worn out by the end of their four performance "season".  I was glad they did it in the last week of school for this term so they told the kids from the production to have the last day off if they wanted (I'd say it was the teachers idea for a quiet day) and now they can have a chill for two weeks to recover from their very hectic schedule.  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos of the performance and weren't allowed back stage so I have nothing to show you.  I am hoping someone took some photos for us proud mums and dads!  If they didn't then next time they do a production I might offer my skills as a photographer and take some photos that can be used as an extra fundraising avenue to cover the cost of their performance space etc.  I know there were a lot of people who assumed that because we weren't told otherwise before hand that photos would be fine.


Now, for this weeks wowness... Our little Monkey has taken to skateboarding like a fish to water.  This was his first or second time on daddy's longboard and he was right into it.  He now wears shoes when he goes on it though.  He wasn't wearing any this day because we didn't think his little feet would need any protection because the plan was that he would stay on the grass and watch... not Monkey, he's in on all the action!

A day or two after this, we were standing chatting with a neighbour on the grass with Monkey sitting next to the board on the grass.  No one saw him do it but he managed to get on and pushed the board over to the sloped driveway and we looked up to see him push off and kneel (like in the video) on the board as he rode it down to the road.  Wolf caught him before he came to any problems and I sent Aunty Chimera a message to ask if we could have the baby helmet back now that Little Bear doesn't fit it anymore.


  1. Poor Dragon - foiled!
    Clever Lion - way to go!
    Monkey is a dude - but you better watch out!

  2. Go Mummy McT! I think I'll be stealing that cough medicine idea. I just can't win with cough medicine, either they hate the taste and refuse it when they need it, or they love it and constantly annoy me for it (especially Lightning) so thank you for the great idea!

    Has anyone ever told you your boys are so awesome???? Must have a pretty darn good Mumma doing a darn good job with them! :D

  3. Aunty C didn't get the story about the skateboard being the reason for asking for the helmet back ! Monkey you are awesome!!!

    Love the lime juice idea. I couldn't see Lion falling for that like Dragon did though.

    All I can say about Wolf is that he is a really brave man. I shudder to think of the reaction if one of those frogs had peed!!!

  4. Your cough medicine idea is awesome, will have to remember that for another day!
    And your baby skating is just awesome! I'm not even coordinated enough to do that, what a little champ!

  5. I love frogs and am a little jealous that you have them plopping around your house.

    That skateboarding Monkey is toooo adorable.

  6. I definitely need to steal that lime juice trick from you! :) Loved the video of Monkey, too!


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