Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Snapshot... a bit more holiday fun.

Summer is here.

It's HOT.

It's sweaty.

The kids STINK by the end of the day.

I have extra loads of washing whenever we go swimming.

What's not to love?

So this isn't really from today only... or even from this week only... it's a mish mash of stuff that I needed to get out of my brain and my photo files.

Last Saturday we went swimming at Cheetah and Little Bear's house.  The kids had a great time and I eventually remembered to wash the swimming gear.  Just in time to go swimming with some friends yesterday.  I'm right on top of this domestic thing.

Dragon looks super brave there.  Thing is, that's how he spent most of the afternoon, on the edge of the pool.  Little Bear really was turning blue... she's a little cold frog like her Aunty McTavish.

We really went around because we weren't able to make it for Cheetah's birthday the weekend before so we took some Milk Arrowroot biscuits, some leftover icing from the fridge and some sprinkles and made some birthday cookies to celebrate all over again!

Monkey, who was wearing a sweet little toweling robe and was being called "Heff" all afternoon, LOVED the iced cookies!


Do you need a new oven?  Are you concerned that you current oven is using too much electricity? That it's damaging the environment?  That it just isn't the "in" thing?  Well let me introduce to you the Simpson Recycle.  Based on the ever popular Simpson Evolution oven only using 100% less electricity we think it will be a winner in your house. 

Lids of  "take and toss" containers for the hotplates, nappy box for the oven, old rice cooker for them to cook up a storm.  They loved it and played with it constantly for three or four days and on and off since.  Thanks to a friend of a friend for the idea.


I recently made a purchase that I have been intending to make for a while.  Almost all our face washers are 6 years old... or more.  They are VERY well used and are looking a little worse for wear.  I haven't really bought many myself, they were mostly baby gifts when Lion was born (we got a LOT of washers) so they have had 6 years of babies learning to feed themselves, 6 years of cleaning up kids coming inside from the dirt, 6 years of cleaning up spills, 6 years of bath times, 6 years of tending to scrapes and cuts... most of them need retirement.  Washers are annoying, their very use lends them to getting stained and discoloured quickly.  So when I saw Target had 10packs of ALL WHITE washers I jumped.  My friend that I mentioned my plan to thought I was insane.  YOU HAVE ALL BOYS!  YOU CAN'T BUY WHITE!!  YOU'LL REGRET THIS!!!  But I bought them anyway.  Because the one thing I've learnt with boys is black is a great colour for clothing.  Brown is a fantastic colour for furnishings.  But for washers and towels and things you can't go past WHITE...

Because after it's been through a bucket of bleach it looks like new again and again and again.  So here's to 10 years or more from my 30 new face washers... yes, 30!

Oh, I do have brown ones that wont be retiring... they are brown to make their use very clear... and it's certainly not for cleaning faces.


Dragon woke up one day on the school holidays and decided he wanted to be a scientist.  Always happy to encourage science I tired to think up some experiments we could do.  We did a few little experiments with weight and volume in a tub of water.  Mostly I wanted to make sure I was giving him 'speriments to do so he didn't do what I heard him chatting to Lion about and "go and do some 'sperimentin' by myself".  I figured bang for buck you can't go past a few teaspoons of bicarb and some vinegar.  so I balanced a pinch bowl on top of an upturned cup, used some foil to make sure it didn't tip over and added some food colouring to the vinegar and we had a great time making blue volcanoes!

Monkey got a bit freaked out and didn't sit there for much longer after I took the middle photo.  I am sure if I had let them the boys would have gone through my entire stash of bicarb and vinegar.  And because I did it all on a tray the clean up was so easy.  I took all the mess inside, rinsed everything off and put it all in the dishwasher, that's my kind of  'speriment.


So that's a little of what we've been up to along with 12 month needles, sicknesses and teething just for a bit of fun and excitement.


  1. Good job with your sperimenting. Love the blue colour of the volcano.
    Love how Monkey enjoyed the icing biscuits.
    My LL goes blue in the pool as well.
    I've got both boys home with me today due to wet weather. Crazy, huh?

  2. I like the post so much.Monkey is so cute and looking sweet.All the kids are sweet and i like the volcano also.Kids also take enjoy in pool.Thanks for sharing such a nice experience.

  3. What a smart mommy you are! I love that oven and those washcloths.

    The kids are getting so big and look like they had a blast!

  4. We just got through with our summer and our only just now getting the slightest bit of breeze that is not stifling. Enjoy the time off.

    And that oven is just stunning. 100% less electricity you say? I might have to give it a try. ;)

    Also, I would never, ever brave the white linen. We are a grimy bunch.

  5. Great little update! Yes, here we are sweaty and very hot too!

  6. I think A bit of this and a bit of that posts are my favorite!

    speriments are always going on behind my back, I wonder who froze a water balloon and find it was a speriment, or come home to a cup full of odd colored gooey guck and learn that my scientests have not successfully reinvented Kool-aid.

    Those white washers make me jealous.

  7. Another great idea for boxes and cardboard is to make a post box. I did this with kids I babysat one afternoon. They were all under 4 too. I did the cutting and sticking but they did the painting of the post box.
    The strip of cardboard that you cut out for the slot makes a great handle for the opening of the postbox on the other side.
    When the paint was drying, we went inside and with the spare bits of cardboard and paper we had, we made postcards and letters to post.
    A great way to encourage writing and give 'warm fuzzies' to family members too.


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