Thursday, 4 November 2010

Reviewing Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday... and a GIVE AWAY

Have you met my mate Manny?  He's a handy kinda bloke to have around and my kids think he's great!  To add to his awesomeness... He released a Christmas DVD this week!  "Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday" arrived in our mailbox not long ago for three small boys to review.  They took their job VERY seriously and watched it over and over and over and over and... well, you get the picture.  So, they watched it and offered me their deepest thoughts on it's Christmassy goodness...

We'll start with Dragon.  At four years old and male, he is pretty much the target audience of Handy Manny, I expected big things from his review.

Mummy McT: Dragon, did you like the Handy Manny DVD you just watched?
Dragon: yep.
MMcT: Do you want to tell me something you liked about it?
D: I liked watching it.
MMcT: Is there one part you liked more than the other bits? Maybe how they helped one person or how they fixed something?
D: I just liked watching it, Mum. Just all of it was good. *said with 4 year old attitude*
MMcT: So all-round good viewing?
D: Do you have some chocolate?

Okay, so Dragon's review is just a general thumbs up.  Perhaps Lion with his six year old ways would give me some more to work with here...

Mummy McT: Lion, did you like the Handy Manny DVD you just watched?
Lion: Yeah, I did.
MMcT: Can you tell me one thing that you really liked about it?
L: It snows for Handy Manny's Christmas.  It doesn't snow here, it melts before it hits the ground so it's just rain.
MMcT: What about something Manny and the tools did in the DVD?
L: Yeah they did lots of stuff.

Well, that was going nowhere.  One more kid to try...  He didn't watch it all, it's a bit beyond his 14 month old attention span of 5 seconds but he may have gleaned something from it since he was in the room the whole time...

Mummy McT: Monkey, did you like Handy Manny? *holds up the DVD*
Monkey: ooooOOOOoooooohhhh *tries to grab the DVD*
MMcT: No, sweetie, that's for mummy to hold, you can look at the picture...
M: ooOooooOOOooooh.... oooh. *tricks me with a pointing finger and at the last second, grabs for the DVD*
MMcT: Hey, that's just for looking at... I need a review... Someone tell me SOMETHING... ANYONE???

Ugh.  Only one thing to do...

Mummy McT: So, Mummy, did you like the Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday DVD?
Mummy McT: Yeah, I did.  It kept the kids interested for the entire length and they learnt a bit about other cultures celebrating Christmas and it really pushed the message of serving others at Christmas.  I like that, the serving others thing... that is common to all Christmas celebrations, no matter what cultural background you're from.
MMcT: What was your favourite part of the DVD?
MMcT: My favourite? That would have to be the genius that is Disney FastPlay... You chuck the DVD in and it starts the feature... no skipping through trailers and worse, the trailers that they wont let you skip through... FastPlay just plays straight away.  I can get on with stuff.
MMcT: So you didn't watch it 50zillion times with your kids?
MMcT: Are you kidding? I watched it once so I could make sure I knew what was going on and then I got on with stuff I had to do.  After all, what I love most about Manny is what he can do for me.  He can keep my kids entertained long enough for me to get some twitter... facebook... blogging... cleaning time.  Isn't that why you love Manny?

So there you have it.  Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday was released this week on Disney DVD and it's good.


Now for the giveaway...

The fantastic folk at Porter Novelli and Disney DVD, as well as giving us a copy of Handy Manny's Christmas DVD to review, have given us a copy of quite possibly my favourite Christmas movie EVER to give away.  This is on my "must watch every year" list.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
Join Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and all the hilarious Muppets as they relive Charles Dickens' classic tale, A Christmas Carol

If you would like to win this fantastic DVD for your family this Christmas then all you need to do is leave me a comment on this post.  If you are on twitter you can get a bonus entry if you tweet about it with a link to this post and leave another comment here with a link to your tweet.

Entries close 7pm (AEST) Friday 12 November.  Entry is open to Australian residents only. Then again, I guess also anyone who wants to gift it to an Australian resident could enter, because lets face it that would be a nice easy Christmas present taken care of.  But the point is, I can only post it within Australia.


  1. Muppet xmas carol is my favourite xmas movie OF ALL TIME


  2. Just realized my daughter hasn't seen the Christmas Carol yet. Don't want her to miss out on this one. Here's hoping we'd win!

  3. Great review! We love Christmas movies they always make you smile and usually keep little people entertained long enough to get some "cleaning" done ;)

    Don't forget to pop over to my blog I have 2 Disney Christmas DVDs to giveaway :)

  4. Great review! Thought provoking... I give Monkeys review two thumbs up...but, at the last moment, I'll probably change that to 10 fingers grabbing.

    Lion and Dragon, way to keep all those plot twists a secret, I don't like to have the ending ruined by being told it.

    Mummy McT I can't believe you are only allowing Austrailian entries. American Mums need, time too ;)

  5. The Muppets are the best! My boys education is sadly lacking in this area though.
    Good quality feedback from your boys for the review.

  6. My favourite Christmas movie ever too!! I watch it every year... :)

  7. I've seen Handy Manny before. I decided it was just Dora the Explorer meets Bob the Builder. Then again, I don't have small children. Or any children for that matter.

  8. Great review, we don't watch much Handy Mandy around here, however after reading the boys reviews( of course yours too) I try to recommend it to my princess. I have a feeling she'd rather go for a "princess flick", pre chick flick.

    We love the muppets. One of out favorites if "Muppet Treasure Island"



  9. Yay, I'm not the only one who loves "A Muppet Christmas Carol"!!!

    Loved the review. You are very inventive Mummy McT :D

  10. Great review we loved to be able to watch this in our house this Christmas.


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