Tuesday, 4 January 2011



Home-made-ish Alphabet Soup

I may have spent a little too long searching through the pasta container for the right letters... and the ones already in the pot may have stuck to the bottom... that's been my day, focusing on the wrong things... and I probably should have put this word into practice a little more today... A sermon from my Alphabet Soup... I could do a book... Something about soup, inspiration, soul...

oh wait, it's been done.

PS. My boys LOVED this...
I will be creating variations on the theme using every variety of vegetable soup that I can think of.


  1. Such a cool pic! I have also started my 365 again on my Captured by Cat blog.

  2. LOVE it... oh, wait... I guess I should be more original, huh?!

    Excuse me while I get caught up on my favorite Aussie family... I am so behind, I'd better grab a Diet coke!

    Mrs. NB

  3. Very cool. I can imagine it would take a while to pull the shot off though.

  4. I'm really enjoying this picture a day thing. I have been thinking of a poem a week, or a drawing a week, stupid broken camera.

    Soup looks delish!


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