Sunday, 23 January 2011



I ♥ My Apple Slinky Machine

Note: I am hoping that there will be some real posts up soon... what we've been up to type of stuff.  We've been up to LOTS and have had no time to blog about it.  Some post are half written, some are in my head, others will require me to look back at the photos taken to remember that we actually did anything at all.  School starts tomorrow and with it our return to routine.

Another Note: I need to either get mums camera back or charge some batteries for our not so reliable snappy cam... I'm getting very frustrated only having phone photos!


  1. Wow, and I thought my easy peesy apple slicer was cool. Thinking, I'd never have to slice apples for the kiddos again. "Note, they can't use it by themselves," so I am still slicing for them. If I set up that "slinky" at our place, I think they would peel and slinkyize every apple in sight. Of course they wouldn't want to eat ALL of them though.

    Good luck with school.



  2. Apple slinky machines do rock! BB's teacher had one in her class last year. A very good thing.

  3. How cool! I've never seen one before.

  4. I have NO IDEA what that is! Interesting stuff. Remember when I told you that the 365 takes over your blog?

  5. @Cat - It is the most fantastic contraption. You jam your apple onto some spikes and turn the handle and it peels and cores your apple while slicing it into one big long spring. Fun fruit!

    Hehe, It is kinda taking over... Though without it there would be nothing going up. Each post takes 5 minutes and that's about all I have time for at the moment. It's allowing me to put up a small part of my day when I don't have time for my long rambling posts with 593847 photos that I usually use to describe one day. I'm still trying to decide what to do though...


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