Wednesday, 26 January 2011



Meet Garage Snake*

I've finally been able to meet him able to meet him man to man Woman to Snake. Though now he has been renamed to Chased Down The Drain With A Rake Snake.

Wolf earned his lamb roast tonight... he's so brave.  We're pretty sure he is just a Spotted Python, harmless.  I'm going to email his photo to my new snake peeps just to be sure.

*I just went to link to a post about Garage Snake and it seems I have never shared about Garage Snake.  A couple of months ago I had was hearing noises in the garage and getting freaked out.  There was a funny smell too, I just put it all down to mice or something living in the gardening stuff.  Next thing I know, we are getting something out and there is a snake skin, shed right on top of a box of junk in the garage.  That was it, I couldn't use the garage for ages.  Eventually, after my dad came and checked out that particular box and we had a little look around and couldn't find anything else I got brave enough to use the garage again.  I kept hearing noises but assumed it was just mice or something... I was right... it was the 'or something'.


  1. I like his new name: Chased Down The Drain With A Rake Snake, much better than Garage Snake!

    I picked up my shorts off the ground at the local swimming pool, and there was a snake curled up under them. It must have slithered past the 10 kids that were playing nearby and found a nice comfy spot under my clothes. Yikes!

  2. I have a scary thought... maybe there is a mother snake in that garage of yours.

    Milo so wants to come and visit.



  3. aww he's just a python. Spotted would be a good guess ;)

  4. He's kinda cute. Would letting him stay act as a deterrent to scarier snakes?

  5. No way! My parents used to get snakes at their place all the time, browns and red bellies. The make my skin crawl.

  6. Don't listen to Boy Mom... he is NOT cute. No even "kinda". ((HUGS)) my friend. Maybe you need a trip to the states ;0)

    Mrs. NB


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