Friday, 21 January 2011


So, you know in movies and cartoons how someone will be about to tell someone else something really important but there is always a loud noise just as they are about to say it?  It goes something like this.

Fred: Hey, I've been wanting to tell you something really important.
Frank: Okaaaaaay.
Fred: Well, you know how when we were little, your favourite truck went missing and you never found it, well *Fred & Frank walk past a construction site and there is a truck reversing*
Frank: Sorry, I didn't hear that because of the truck, what did you say?
Fred: I said *a guy with a boom box blasting "Ice Ice Baby" walks past F&F*
Frank: Sorry, missed it again because of that awesome music.
Fred: (getting louder) I SAID *A herd of velociraptors runs down the street and people are screaming everywhere*
Frank: Sorry, still missed it.
Fred: (Now screaming for all he's worth) I SAID I STOLE YOUR TRUCK AND SOLD IT FOR 5 CENTS. *at this point the velociraptors have emptied the street and all is silent except for Freds yelled confession*

Yeah, I'm a big fan of doing that to the kids with appliances.  This morning it was the coffee grinder... it's fun stuff, people, fun stuff.


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