Thursday, 6 January 2011

Monkey's First Haircut

Be prepared for photos... lots of photos.  For each of the bigger boys we had done something with them in the week or two before their first haircut that resulted in lots of photos of their long hair.  We hadn't done much that got the right sort of photos of Monkey so on New Years day I decided to just take him out in the sun, shade, whatever the sky decided to do at the time, and get some photos... I'm feeling a little sad that his hair is all gone, it's making it hard to pick just a couple of photos to post.  I did pick just one for my New Years Day 365 post.

It wasn't very clean, it had a fair bit of sweat in it but I didn't want to wash it because it's easier to cut their baby hair when it's not freshly washed.  Because of that he didn't have quite the same number of fluffy sticking out bits as usual.

He looks like he's got a bit of an undercut here.  Because he so obviously had two distinct layers/types of hair people kept telling me that the longer stuff would fall out... it didn't.  He just looked like he had some weird hair extensions.  But it was really cute, and fun to play with.

A little close up for you of those sweet straggly bits at the back.  Just so soft and wispy.

This is the effect of the two layers at the front, a short fringe and a long fringe.  It kept getting in his eyes which, in the end, was what made me decide it was time to cut it.  He's just so stinkin' cute.  He still has a baby look to him here, he's lost that now.  He's still got those smooshy cheeks though.

He ♥'s the swing.  I ♥ watching his hair fly all over the place.

There's some more of those sticky-up bits.  There's always a few of them, they remind me of his great-grandad, he always had a few of them... though, he had a lot less hair.

Daredevil.  He looks like he's on a super-fast roller-coaster... he'd be quite happy on a super-fast roller-coaster.  He loves the swing to go REALLY high.  He also likes sudden stops.  Wow, his hair was long, wasn't it?

Cute as a button.  That is all swamp under him.  We can't mow because it's rained so much and we have clay right under the topsoil so the top is waterlogged and mushy.  But thankfully we aren't flooded like large chunks of the state!  Monkey didn't mind, as long as he got a go on the swing.

The event.  The haircut.  He wasn't really a fan of getting his hair cut.  It's pretty weird if you've never had a haircut before.  He watched his brothers get a haircut just before Christmas but it didn't help for his haircut.

Tidying up the back.  Ignore my upside down concentration face.  I was trying to not cut him... and to not cut myself... again.  We ended up giving him a packet of tiny teddies to try and distract him... it didn't work real well but it worked enough.  Doesn't he look all grown up?  This is about half an hour after that baby-faced photo up the top.

So, there you go.  New year, new haircut.


  1. Oh, those big brown eyes and sweet little lips. Adorable.
    A very handsome haircut for your Monkey.

  2. What a wonderful post! He is such a handsome little boy, and yes, his haircut has grown him up so much. :) Great haircut too by the way!

  3. Ag that was such a cute post. He is starting to look more and more like his brothers.

  4. Dang, Girl! that is one cutie, cute little guy. I always dread haircuts they grow up right before your eyes.

    His hair is such an amazing blend of colors. Loveit!


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