Monday, 14 March 2011


Feb 13-19 2011

Still catching up... we are waaaaay behind but I am pretty much better now so once I catch up we should be all systems go.   But I'd love to know if you would rather see these done in a weekly format like this or day by day?  I know you'll all say "it's your blog, you do it however you like"... but really, I want to know!


He knows mummy is sick.
If mummy is out of bed he is wrapped around her leg.
Black & White because no one really needs to see my bright white thighs in all their blinding glory.


Extra eager for cuddles and a feed before bed.
He can get up on "our" chair fast as lightning!


Our first night of homework.
He loves it!

[Insert fantastic artistic image here]

Here we find our first no photo day :-(
I'm forgiving myself because it's my project and I was so incredibly sick.


I assured Wolf that I would be fine at home by myself with just Monkey.  He was only working a short day, how hard would it be? Lion has school, Dragon has kindy, I didn't have to do any of the drop-offs so I would be fine.

This is me, laying on the couch with Monkey climbing on my back and playing with the (unused) chuck bucket.  I didn't do so fine.  I was so glad to see Grannysaurus when she picked up my boys and brought them home that afternoon.

[Insert another fantastic artistic shot here]

I know, "excuses, excuses" :-)

[yep, chuck in another imaginary photo here]

There's a few days missing around this point... they are missing from my memory too.
I'm pretty sure life went on without me, no one has reported to me that the world stopped spinning just because I couldn't come out to play so I'm assuming stuff happened.
I just didn't take photos.


  1. Still waiting for Yasi Part 2! But of course you're forgiven as you've been so sick, but when you are completely recovered - please!
    A weekly, update is fine by me and probably less demanding on you.
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. Well... I agree that weekly is probably less demanding for you, BUT from a completely selfish perspective, if you're able to do it maybe twice a week it would spread out the happiness and smiles that your photos bring to our days!

    And that homework photo is pure gold! I want to remember to do that when it's our turn, too!

  3. No excuse! Mums don't get to take sick days and just quit taking pictures. The world did actually stop and we all just floated around waiting for gravity to start up again and for you to post a picture.

    So glad you're feeling better and posting again...and gravity.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Definitely no fun being sick. Monkey looked like he was having fun when you couldn't get up and move away from him.

  5. I am really glad you are feeling way better.
    I like weekly because then hopefully you will post more other posts!


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