Saturday, 28 May 2011

Super Brother To The Rescue!

Now that I can post photos again I am going back through the albums and seeing what needs to be blogged.  In amongst some photos from Easter I came across this little group of photos that I wanted to share... I thought the event deserved a post all it's own.

My little Monkey, not quite 20 months old at the time, decided to wade himself out into the water.  He was doing fine, stopping and steeling himself as each swell came along.  Just as I was about to let Wolf know that he might need to be stopped before it gets too much for him he got into trouble!

He could still touch the bottom of the sand with his hand and could just keep his face above water during the swell but he couldn't right himself again... and he was ready to panic.  Wolf moved into action.  But so did someone else...

A little yell came from my sweet Lion... "Don't worry, I'll save him!" and he started madly paddling towards him on his boogy board.  Wolf beat him there but Lion was only a second away.  I was so proud of my big boy, ready to rescue his brother in an instant.


  1. Those brother-love moments are the best! I am so glad you told the story behind the picture!

  2. Yeah for lovely Lion! What a hero.

  3. Did it just make you want to cry? He has a true lion's heart. What a great big brother!

  4. Those are the best moments, when their love and concern for each other shines...and doesn't leave a shiner.


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