Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'm the princess around here.

It's hard to teach the boys how to treat girls/ladies when they really only have mummy to practice on.  Mums are just different.  You'd spit some food you don't like into your mums hand but you'd never do that to any other girl.  It's fine for your mum to help you blow your nose but you are expected to turn away if you need to blow your nose in front of any other girl.  Your mum washes your undies, cleans your school lunch box, picks your pyjamas up off the floor... not much is held back for mum.  So, it's nice that we have a small but very special supply of other princesses to help in this training.

My brother's little Ladybird was dedicated to the Lord a few weeks ago.  She's such a special little darling.  It meant that the boys got to spend some precious time with her and practice their princess care.

Ladybird is one well cared for princess.  Lion would do anything for her... he just doesn't really want that advertised.  Boys aren't supposed to get all gushy over babies... or something like that.  Dragon would love nothing more than to teach her everything she needs to know in life, especially about accessorising... he loves to see her wearing jewelry.  Monkey is her loyal protector... though we're still kind of ironing out the kinks with that one.  Currently he seems to have gone to the Slobbery Dog school of princess protection.  He'll keep any unwanted advances (or indeed any wanted ones too) away from you but he may drool all over you and possibly even crush you in his attempts to keep you safe.

Now we just need to teach them not to bow to the every whim of these princesses... Even a princess needs to be told "get your own drink" occasionally.  But thankfully Ladybird is too little for that yet.

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  1. Love the photos. And I forgot to mention yesterday that your hair is looking incredibly lovely. 30 suits you Mummy ;) Oh ok, 29 and 363 days suits you.

  2. Oh she is so very cute, I haven't seen photos of her since she was just born. She looks like her mother too :)

  3. What a sweet little Lady Bird. And so sweet how they are loving her!

  4. Oh my that's cute. I am sometimes so glad my boys have a sister.

  5. I know you aren't fond of it but I really like your hair like this. These are really lovely photos of you and the kids.


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