Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Patient Notes: Dragon McTavish

Case Notes: 4 year old male patient presented well after bed time with severe Textatinge to the face, hands and feet.  Further examination also showed Textatinge to the torso with the most worrying symptom being the dark tint to the belly button.  The child's mother said he was supposed to be sleeping and she knew he was finding it hard to fall asleep but had no idea of his condition until he came to her while she sat enjoying the quiet of the house.  

Pay careful note to the back of the right hand.  The Textatinge seemed to only go to his wrist initially, but upon closer examination after the images were taken, it was discovered it was far more serious and ended closer to the elbow than the wrist.  Initial treatment was discussed and it was suggested that we let the Textatinge wear off with time and the child give the cause to all who ask, a common combined form of the treatments "Imasillydill" and "Embarrassment".  After further discussion that treatment seemed too strong for a first outbreak and another common treatment was decided upon with a topical application of dihydrogenmonoxide (H2O).  The Textatinge did not immediately clear up and certain areas responded better than others with the forehead showing the best (and most rapid) improvement.  Treatment will continue over the course of a few days with the added treatment of a liquid detergent at approximately 24 hours after the first symptoms appeared combined with a dihydrogenmonoxide bath.

Should the Textatinge return in the future we will discuss more severe treatments to deter further outbreaks.

Dr McTavish.

Did I ever tell you I loved working as a clinical photographer?  If only all my cases had been this cute (and non-infectious).


  1. All I have to say is "LOVE IT!"

  2. Oh my! I love the treatment plan.

  3. What a relief to finally have a 100% accurate internet diagnosis for a not so uncommon skin condition affecting young nocturnal males.

    However, I would add a word of caution, this condition is contagious and has been known to infect other surfaces, including walls, tables, and occasionally smaller siblings.

    Hoping there will be no further breakouts as our local strain of Textatinge seems to have become resistant to "embarrassment".

  4. Stunning post! Loved it.


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