Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blog it then bin it... 2

Last night I found this little note that I had stashed away too.  The boys had been playing some game with their GI Joes and other assorted "action figures".  One of the characters, as part of the story had written this note to Lion and Dragon's characters (who use their names, but you totally can't tell that I've edited the photo, can  you...yeah, anyway).  Lion has known how to spell "we" for a VERY long time... owning a Wii for two weeks had completely taken over his mind and he had no idea how to spell it the correct way anymore.  But a pretty good attempt at spelling 'hate' for himself... even if I had to say to them that I don't even really like these sorts of notes in games.

"Wii hat Lion Dragon"

and VERY tiny writing, that is my index finger holding down the note which is less than an inch square... how come when I ask him to write small in a birthday card or something, each letter is the size of a small country?


  1. Haha, yes, we've had some hatemail fly around here before. Those get chucked almost right away, but there is a letter for me that says "I luv yoo pcos yoo luv me" which I just can't bring myself to chuck :)

    Know what's sad, know those red squiggly lines that tell you when something's spelled incorrectly, well they appear under haha, yoo and pcos, but not under luv! I'm just hoping that there really is a word luv and I'm just ignorant of it and that the computer techs of this world don't actually think that's how you spell love.

  2. Got to love these little notes. I often get a request "Hey Mom, how do you spell XYZABC" and next thing you know they hand me a note to tell me just how much they love me! Too cute!

  3. Child Logic -
    The writing has to be sooo little because the action figures writing and reading it are soooo little. As for writing in cards? Big/real sized people are reading them, therefore the writing has to be big/real sized... Glad to see they have a great sense of proportion and perspective. ;-)


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