Friday, 6 April 2012

Holiday Confusion

On our way home from Good Friday Service, the boys remembered that my parents had visited us last Easter.  Dragon was being wistful;

'I wish someone would visit us every Easter. Grandpap doesn't work on Easter so he should be able to visit us.'

'Yeah, Grandpap doesn't work anymore so he would have heaps of time to come visit.' says Lion.

'No, Grandpap has to work on Christmas.  He gets the rest of the year off, but has to work on Christmas.'

'Dragon!, Grandpap isn't Santa!'

'I know Lion, but Santa can't do the whole job on his own so he needs Pappaps' help'.

'Oh yeah, well I guess your right, Pappap will need to work very hard around Christmas to get all those kids their presents.'

'Where do you think Nano keeps the six white boomers?'

Link to another post about 'Six White Boomers'


  1. They have it all straight in their own minds, don't they?
    Happy Easter.

  2. Love it!!! We missed our visitors this Easter also!


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