Friday, 23 May 2014

Not much longer...

I'm desperately hoping that Butterfly takes after her biggest brother, Lion, who kept up his daytime naps right up until he started school.

Dragon stopped them about 8 months before he started at school... I could handle that too.


Monkey, Monkey, Monkey... He was 3 when he decided this wasn't working for him any more.

My thought now, even though she's not even 2 yet, is that even if she does keep having naps until she's starting school it just feels, some weeks, like that's not all that far away.

So today I am thankful for daytime naps.

I'm thankful for my big girl and for baby dolls and for naps in tutus and for bruises on shins and for her wispy hair that gets in my mouth when I kiss her sleeping head.

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  1. She is precious, and your photos are so soft and dreamy. Those are sweet moments, aren't they?


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