Wednesday, 26 August 2015

You have a blog?

Blogging comes up often amongst homeschoolers. A lot of them keep a blog of sorts to help keep track of their schooling journey or to record when they did what, what programs and curriculum they were using... lots of reason... also in spite of the constant pace of things homeschool mums tend to get bored, I think. Not regular "there's nothing to do" kind of bored, more tired of the monotony and the education-centric thinking of almost every aspect of their day.

Without fail when blogging comes up and I mention that we have a blog I get this response... "You have a blog? You should put all that crazy stuff from Facebook on your blog!" And I know I should, but the short and sweet format of Facebook fits better with my schedule, or lack of schedule.

Right now though, I miss the cathartic outlet of writing, the focus that it allows me (even if the writing has nothing to do with whatever I need to focus on, it's weird) and the creative expression.  So............ I'm going to try and get blogging again. I might just do a few lines here and there, maybe a little catch up from my Facebook posts, maybe I'll fade away again after a week or two, but I need to get my fingers typing and record some of our year of homeschooling.

So for now, until I get my backside moving, here's a photo of Butterfly doing what girls do...


  1. Yay! You blogged! I am totally on board with you using this space as a home-school playing space btw. It's easier to search through for things than fb.

  2. Welcome Back! I do think that mom's need to grow their gifts while they grow their children. Now you have a little girl - I bet the stories and the words to the stories will be different:) Blessings to your week - and to growing a little of yourself into it!

  3. Oh dear... it seems some gremlin has eaten whatever code is supposed to send comments to my email for me to approve. Sorry I missed these comments until today, I'll get set on fixing whatever has gone wrong. Getting back to blogging is still a work in progress, obviously!


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