Monday, 29 February 2016

Old Maths Teachers Never Die...

...They just don't count any more.

Well today maths just about killed us... so just for fun I added a bit more to it.

While I sat with Dragon he took between 30 seconds and 1 minute for each problem depending on which times tables he needed to recall.

While I was busy helping other kids or getting dinner prepped for tonight he took an eternity... well, kind of.

So once he was finally finished we used the same skills he had just been doing in his maths work to figure out just how much time he wasted.

The boy is a professional time waster!

Consequently, this is where I am currently at. 

I put timers on to try to give them an awareness of the passing time and they have a meltdown because I'm "hurrying" them. I let them take as much time as they "need" and they get upset that their maths took soooooooo long. I sit with them to keep them moving and they get upset that I'm being bossy.

Can't win.

Better just drink more coffee...

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  1. Helllloooo! We've had our share of taking forever with maths lately too. Now the boys are in grade 10 and 7, the maths has gotten harder for me to get my head around when they ask for help. We did end up cheating and used a website to help get us started so we could figure out what to do. Wishing you well with perservering.


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