Saturday, 13 January 2007

Bob the Builder.

Can we build it? YES! WE! CAN!

Today Mummy helped me build Dragon's change table. Daddy took some pictures while keeping the Dragon out of the way. It was a lot of hot work, Daddy said it was 35 degrees celcius in the house and 65% relative humity, whatever that means. All I know is that I was allowed to take off my shirt and do some man's work.

It took a lot longer than it should have as Mummy kept getting in the way, but I induldged her and let do some small stuff so she could think she was helping.

Picture descriptions:
Well, the top right picture is me with the finished product. Mummy was in such a hurry to put things on my beutiful creation that by the time I posed for my picture with my tool box that Dragon's stuff had already been put on it.

The pictures to the left are me putting the screws into the change table. Screws are an important part because if they weren't there the table would fall apart. I wanted to nail it together, but Mummy said no, and then when I decided to hammer the screws in anyway Mumy said 'NO!'. I think it is her favourite noise to make... I really don't think it is a word, just a sound some adults make... like the sound the monkey-birds make
outside, "whoop whoop whoop", only they understand what it means.
The picture below is me putting the final touches on the change table by adding the wheels. This is an important part of any piece of furniture because when furniture has wheels then you are able to move it! I am looking forward to pushing this table up and down the hall (hopfully with the Dragon on it, I'm sure he will love it). I can already see it now me pushing Dragon up and down the hall on the table and Mummy joining in making her favourite sound. - Lion McT

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