Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Our Friendly Help Desk Staff

I often go and visit Daddy at work. He doesn't mind, too much. As far as I'm concerned he doesn't do much work anyway so I need to create some for him, which is why, when I leave he says 'Well, I better clean up now and put everything back were it came from.' I think he enjoys it.

One day Daddy said that I am here often enough that he should be putting me to work. I was more than happy to sit at the computer and do his job. I did it so well that one of Daddy's associates in a town 5 hours away knew I was there. (I had to call someone on the VoIP and let them know I was doing a good job!)

Daddy took some photos so here they are:

Here's two of me at the manager's station, more than ready to run the show and tell people what needs to be done. Daddy said I did a better job that most of the people he works with.

Are apartments getting smaller these days?

Now that I have a job I better go and find a place of my own. Mmmm, yep this place is kind of small but it will have to do for now. I would have preferred the penthouse but the one on the ground floor was the only one left. When I tried to move into my new apartment Mummy used her favourite noise again. No. One of these days I will have to learn to read and look it up in the dictionary. -Lion McT

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