Saturday, 20 January 2007

Smile, it's Dragon McTavish

I have finished my first draft of Dragon McTavish's coat of arms and present it here for inspection. I have been thinking about it and both the coat of arms for lion and dragon are not 'proper' arms. Since they are both from the McTavish family their coat of arms should be the same with an augmentation on them. Lion being the first son should have the dovetail/bridge motif and Dragon being the second son the Crescent as shown below. (Note these are not McTavish Achievement of Arms just a sample one)
Now having said that and looking it up I have found out that this system has now dropped out of use but in Scotland they use differently tinted bordures to distinguish between different family members. So Lion and Dragon's arms could look like this. Then again it seems that for the right amount of money anyone can register almost any type of 'arms' to themselves, as long as it hasn't already been registered to someone else. Whatever the rules are this is just a bit of fun and stress relief for myself so I can do whatever I like. In that light I present you with Dragons McTavish's coat of arms mark one.

On another note, Dragon is starting to smile. Although this isn't his first smile it is the best and only one we have captured on camera. Isn't he cute?
(below Dragons McTavish's coat of arms mark one.)
-Wolf McT

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