Thursday, 1 February 2007

Owie! - Why a Camera and a Toe Don't Go.

This week i decided that as a big boy i should be able to use Mummy's camera, but Daddy wouldn't let me so when he put the camera down and turned his back to me to pick up Dragon, i pounced. With the cunning, speed, and stealth of a lion i grabbed the camera off the table and ran off with my prize.

Yah, Lion Did It!

Even though I have the speed, the cunning and the stealth of a lion, i still haven't mastered the grace of a lion in motion and dropped the camera on my foot. OWIE! i think that's what tipped off Daddy to the fact that I had the camera. Daddy wasn't interested in excuses like "i tink Little Ogg is browken" (Little Ogg is Lion's name of his feet - Wolf McT) he was more interested in telling me off. It wasn't until Mummy came out that someone listened to me and looked at my toe.

Now my big toe has a nice black hue to it and I love to show it to Daddy. 'Look, little Ogg is black, little Ogg is black'.

i now know that cameras' and running aren't a good thing so Mummy is letting me try my Potoe-graphic skills.

Here is a picture of Black Little Ogg.

-Lion McT

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