Thursday, 1 February 2007

WOW That Was Close

Our usually dry drain got a little damper than normal with the rains. The first shot is standing with my back to the side fence and looking out over what is usually a grassed drain. It would be easily a few metres deep at the drains lowest point. The next photo is Lion and Wolf standing on the concrete entrance to the storm drain at the end of the street. This is after the water had receded a fair bit. The water had stopped flowing down the storm drain in the street and was starting to pool at the street side opening. A few days later there was a big eel, dead, about 2m from where the boys are standing (but down in the drain) at it's thickest it was about 20cm diameter. We aren't sure if it got washed there or if someone threw it in there. Either way it was gross and wriggling with yucky maggots. Not Nice! -MMcT

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