Friday, 13 April 2007

Windows Computer

Daddy came home from work the other day with a laptop computer. He used it quite a lot for a while and it looked like fun, but everytime I tried to use it Daddy would get mad at me. It was fun pressing the big red button that said 'Turn Off Computer'.

Anyway Granddad took pity on me and gave me an old 'laptop' computer so that I could sit down and work on my computer at the same time as Daddy. After a while I noticed that Daddy had a big window on his computer which showed pretty pictures. When I asked Daddy 'Wazdat?' he would say 'It's windows, Lion'.

Well, I'm pretty handy with my tools and use them all the time so, one night I sat down with my Bob the Builder Screwdriver, electric drill and angle grinder and modified my computer so that it would run under windows.

Daddy thought I did such a great job that he had to take a picture of it. What do you think?

-Lion McT

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