Thursday, 22 March 2007


Dragon has started eating human food!!! Banana was his first foray into the gastronomic delights of non-liquid nutrition. Who would have thought 12 months ago that we would have been able to provide our child with such fine fare for his first food. I felt like I was cheating him while I was pregnant. I would see ads in magazines promoting the health benefits of a banana a day during pregnancy and know that there was no way our budget could stretch an extra $100 a week for bananas. I ate maybe 6 bananas while I was pregnant with Dragon. I ate a whole plantation of bananas while pregnant with Lion. Who knows what problems I have caused in his future by depriving my child of such an obviously vital food (or so the banana bandwagon would have us believe). Anyway, secret guilt confessions over with, Dragon REALLY enjoyed his banana. Daddy let him suck on it like a rusk and he was a little put off by the cold of it but once he got a little rhythm up he was going through it like he was an old pro! We then moved on a couple of days later to the traditional "first solids" of watery flavourless rice cereal and did the whole photo thing for that too, but it was nowhere near as entertaining as the banana. After a few days on banana though I remembered what I didn't like about banana when Lion was this age, well there is two things, one is the problem with putting solids of any sort in the top end, they come out the bottom end solid as well, and the other problem is that banana stains! I made it 23 years of my life without knowing that banana stains but I hadn't squished it into the fabric of my clothes before (well not for a VERY long time anyway) Lion taught me that banana covered clothes and bibs and washers have to be rinsed immediately and then usually need a trip through the nappysan as well, Dragon has reminded me of this and I am enjoying the delights of increased washing with increased solids. Still we can't stop progress! Enjoy the photos. -Mummy McT

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