Saturday, 22 March 2008

Did you know???

That smoke, dust or steam in the air makes the moon change colour? okay, you most likely did but if you are old enough to read this without help then you dont count. I just wanted to brag that Lion now knows about why the moon changes colour. And if you ask him he says it so matter-of-fact that you would never doubt it even though it is coming from the mouth of a three year old. We'll just add that to his adorable little explaination of how a car engine works. Oh he's so intelligent... and i'm not at all biased.

Grandma and Grandad took Lion and his big cousin M up to the beach hut today to see Great grandma. it's an easter tradition, Great grandma goes up there and we all make the pilgrimage to visit for at least a few hours. This year we had mountains of cleaning planned so it was great that the grandies could take lion and we got cracking. Aunty J even took Dragon for a couple of hours so Wolf and Mummy McT could go and have lunch together. YAY! anyway the moon colour conversation came up in the car on the trip back and Lion Proudly informed us on his arrival home how the moon changes colour.

Then we had to decide where to put out the easter baskets... Mummy sort of might have influenced his decision a little. I am guessing that had i not intervened they would have been put in his room or the lounge room so that he can get them first thing in the morning and eat all the eggs before the rest of us even woke up. probably not much chance they would have been put on top of the tall-boy in mummy and daddy's bedroom well out of reach of Lion paws but there they are and he thinks that it was all his decision. As I am a mummy for longer and longer i start to wonder how many of the things i thought were my decision growing up really were my decision...

the bunny is a bit tight this year. thankfully they arent up to comparing their bunny's leavings with other kids bunny's. I dread the thought of all that chocolate in the fridge until i get sick of it and let them eat it all in one go and just put up with them on a sugar high for 24 hours (or more). The bunny decided not to do it this year, they are only getting a couple of pieces each and I have, I hope, given enough hints out that I really hope others do the same. They are getting a box of duplo to share with the money great grandma gave them for easter instead of buying them more chocolate! I was very happy with great grandma!

well, off to bed now. Dont forget in all that chocolate that JESUS IS ALIVE!!!!!

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  1. Happy Easter to the MCTavish family. We enjoy reading about the adventures of Lion and Dragon.


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