Saturday, 29 March 2008

Lion's Story Telling Ability

This morning Lion was 'driving' around the house prentending to be a forklift. Wolf was in the bathroom scrubing his teeth when Lion drives in and using his forklift powers tries to pick him up. Of course this didn't work but in the process Wolf 'passes wind' while Lion was standing behind him which started off a whole new story arc for Lion. It sort of went like this:

Lion: Lion Forklift is going to pick up Daddy Robot.

Wolf: ffffffrrrrrrppp

Lion: Argh, Daddy Robot popped on Lion Forklift! Help! (exit bathroom running into dinning area and fall down on floor) Help Mummy Firetruck, Daddy Robot popped on Lion Forklift and now Lion Forklift is on fire! Help me, Help me Mummy Firetruck.

Mummy McT: Can't now Lion, I'm busy, don't you have a little fire extinguisher on your forklift to do that with?

Lion: Arghh Ooooh Lion Forklift is on fire, Help me Help me..... (all this time Lion is squirming around on the floor prentending to be on fire).

Wolf: Drop and roll Lion, that will put the fire out.

Lion: I know! Lion Forklift will use his little fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Ssshhhh sshhh shhh... there we go all out. Don't you pop on me again Daddy Robot!

Dragon: Wha!?

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  1. Big cousin Dragon says "it's funny but I feel sorry for Lion" and big cousin Possum says "Lion has a good imagination - funny when Wolf popped off in Lion's face." I could tell you a few stories about Wolf and his "ffffffrrrrrrppp's".


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